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Said to be one of the true Old West towns, Fort Smith has been the fictional location for great westerns such as Lonesome Dove and True Grit. The famous lawlessness of the city in its early days leant itself well to being the site of dutiful sheriffs and cowboys tracking down their outlaw prey.

Modern-day Fort Smith is the second-biggest city in Arkansas, behind Little Rock in the center of the state. It’s grown up a lot, but it actually still has some of that old lawlessness today. You don’t have to look long at Fort Smith headlines to find that the city still has a major problem with drug use and drug distribution.

When you live in a city like Fort Smith, you want to feel confident that you won’t have to deal with the danger that comes with rampant drug use and criminality. In the city that it is today, however, it is very difficult to ever truly feel at ease.

Families don’t have to live in fear that strangers are going to try to sell drugs to their children. They can take action to turn the trends of drug use around in Fort Smith and turn it into the kind of city that anyone can feel proud to call home. Making this change starts with education, and then it has to progress into one-on-one help for the unfortunate people that have already become victims of drug abuse.

It takes hard work to make this sort of major change across an entire city, and no one can expect “the government” or someone else to get it all done. If we want to see real change in Fort Smith and across the rest of Arkansas, it’s the people of Fort Smith that have to lead the charge.

Stopping Addiction in Ft. Smith Starts With Education

The first effective step that you can take as a member of the Fort Smith community is to learn everything you can about the drugs that are used most often in the city and surrounding areas. The old saying that “knowledge is power” is definitely true in this case. You have to know something about drug abuse if you are going to help keep your children and family members from becoming drug abusers. Likewise, you have to know something about the drugs that are being used around you if you want to talk to other community members about effective ways to get them out of the community.

You can start by researching the drugs that are on the Arkansas Drug Control Update. This tabulation examines all of the drugs used in Arkansas and how many people are being so harmed by the drugs that they needed rehabilitation care to get sober and healthy again. It’s an excellent way to examine which drugs need our focus now before they get even more out of hand.

Here are the top drugs used in Arkansas:

Marijuana – While not legal for either medical or recreational use in Arkansas (like it now is in many other states) marijuana is still the top recreational drug in Arkansas. Unlike the myths that are being spread throughout the media, it is actually a dangerous drug that can cause a host of medical problems. For example, regular marijuana use can lower your IQ and contribute to developing lung cancer. It is also addictive in approximately one out of ten users. This is the reason that so many Arkansas residents are reporting to rehab to try to get help for their substance abuse.

Stimulants – The category of stimulants usually refers to methamphetamine in Arkansas. Fort Smith and the rest of the state have had to deal with a raging epidemic of both meth production and use for decades now. The drug poses a double hazard to the people of Fort Smith. Using the drug is incredibly dangerous, as it breaks the body down and can lead to week-long binges in which the addict doesn’t eat or sleep. Even if you don’t use the drug, you can still be in danger just by living near someone that is producing the drug. Home meth labs produce deadly fumes and have also been known to explode and kill innocent bystanders.

Prescription Opiates – These are a category of drug that doctors use as painkillers. Patients with chronic pain like the dulling sensation that opiates can provide, but these powerful drugs can do much more than just make your pain go away. When they are misused, they create a powerful, euphoric high has been compared to heroin. In fact, using these pain pills often leads addicts to later pick up heroin. This is due to the fact that heroin feels very similar while actually be a lot cheaper to purchase.

Cocaine – The drug of choice for college partiers that want to stay awake all night and Wall Street businessmen looking for an edge, cocaine has been destroying lives all over the country for many years. While it’s usually thought of as a drug that plagues much bigger cities than Fort Smith, there are also many addicts to this powerful drug in Arkansas.

Read up on all of these drugs, and then move on to studying the rest of the common drugs used in America and Arkansas in particular. Just because these are the most popular drugs across the state, it doesn’t mean that they’re the only drugs that could be passed around your child’s high school. The truth is that in addition to the famous drugs that have been around for years, there are also new synthetic compounds being developed on a daily basis. The only way to be aware of everything that could invade your neighborhood is to stay sharp and keep studying.

Rehabilitation Facilities in Ft. Smith Arkansas

While an ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure, the cure is needed for someone that has already become addicted to drugs. Ideally we can keep our kids from ever using the many dangerous compounds that are readily available in Fort Smith. When someone messes up and gets hooked on these drugs, though, we then need to know what to do next to handle the situation. That solution is residential rehab.

There is simply no better way to address drug abuse then to help the addict overcome it in a full-time rehab facility. He needs to have the time and space to detoxify his body of the drugs that he is already on and to then learn how to stay drug-free in the future. Not just any rehab center will be sufficient to make this happen.

When you start looking for rehabs in the Forth Smith area, ask lots of questions to make sure that they are going to be right for your loved one. If you can’t find a center in Fort Smith that feels right for your needs, be willing to look farther away. Other centers in Arkansas should be considered, or even facilities that are outside of the state completely. In the end, it’s not the location of the drug rehab that matters. It’s whether or not it can help your loved one to stay sober for the rest of his life.

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