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Arkansas is the 29th most extensive and the 32nd most populous of the 50 United States with a population of nearly 3 million residents.  It has a diverse geography that ranges from mountainous regions that make up the US Interior Highlands, to densely forested land in the south known as the Arkansas Timberlands.

The state seceded from the Union and joined the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.  After the war Arkansas continued to suffer due to its earlier reliance on the plantation economy and slavery, which caused the state to fall behind economically and socially.  After World War II Arkansas began to diversify its economy and now relies on its service industry as well as poultry, steel, aircraft, and tourism in addition to rice and cotton.

The state has produced a number of prominent figures such as Bill Clinton, Sam Walton, William Fulbright, Johnny Cash, and Douglas MacArthur.  Little Rock is the capital and most populous city, and is a hub for business, transportation, government, and culture.  The Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers Metropolitan Area and Fort Smith metropolitan area in the northwest are also import education, economic, and population centers.

The Arkansas Drug Problem

Arkansas residents abuse alcohol and illicit drugs at a rate higher than the national average.  The state ranks a full percentage point higher for heavy alcohol use at 7 percent, and is in the top ten of states in several categories of illicit drug use based on survey information from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.  Some of the categories Arkansas ranks highest for include:

  • Past-year non-medical use of prescription painkillers among persons age 12 or older
  • Past-year non-medical use of prescription painkillers among young adults age 18-25
  • Past-month use of illicit drugs other than marijuana among persons age 12 or older
  • Past-month use of illicit drugs other than marijuana among young adults age 18-25

These statistics are troubling for a number of reasons.  While marijuana is the leading illicit drug for primary treatment admissions in the state, drugs such as methamphetamines and narcotic pain relievers are very close behind.  Arkansas drug rehab facilities see a number of treatment admissions for all three substances, all of which have a high incidence of dependence with regular use.  The incidence of addiction is also increased in users who start using at an early age.  This combination of factors is an indication that the drug problem in Arkansas will continue to get worse if addicts aren’t actively entering substance abuse treatment programs.

Stimulants such as methamphetamine have a strong psychological dependence associated with regular use, and many individuals who try meth end up hooked.  Once dependence has set in it creates a number of negative side effects that often make quitting completely extremely difficult.  Stimulants change the way an addict’s brain works, and produce intense cravings in periods of abstinence.  They also alter the pleasure center which makes it very difficult for addicts to experience pleasure naturally when they aren’t using the drug.  Arkansas drug rehab facilities understand the problems that meth addicts face in early recovery, and can help teach addicts how to manage their long-term symptoms.

Opiates such as prescription narcotics produce an addiction that is characterized by a strong physical dependence.  Individuals may experiment with these medications under the misconception that they are safer than street drugs only to end up physically addicted.  When this happens the user experiences a very uncomfortable withdrawal syndrome that often leads them back to drug use.  Arkansas drug rehab facilities can get addicts through this tough period with a minimum of discomfort, and help them build a foundation for long-term abstinence.

Beyond illicit drug use Arkansas drug rehab facilities also see a high percentage of Alcohol related primary treatment admissions.  14 percent of rehab admissions list alcohol alone as the primary reason they need help, and another 52 percent enter treatment for a problem with alcohol and other drugs.  Alcohol addiction is also characterized by a strong physical dependence that can actually be very dangerous for drinkers during the withdrawal phase.  Alcoholics often need professional help to get through this period, and need continued support to help them remain sober.

Regardless of the substance of abuse addiction rarely goes away if left untreated.  Arkansas drug rehab facilities understand this better than anyone else, and provide a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery.  Using a combination of detoxification, stabilization, and skills building training they are able to give addicts their best chance at long-term success.

How to Find Help through Arkansas Drug Rehab Facilities

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a complex condition which presents a number of obstacles for individuals in early sobriety.  Getting clean is only the beginning, and often staying clean is the hard part.  This is due to the long-term symptoms that drugs and alcohol produce when dependence has set in which can persist for a number of months after the addict has stopped using.  For this reason Arkansas drug rehab facilities offer a variety of services designed to fit with each addict’s individual needs.

Addiction recovery can be a long-term process, and one that no addict should feel they have to face alone.  Help is readily available regardless of individual means, and comes in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  Since there are a number of factors to consider there are professional treatment specialists who can help you through the decision-making process.  These specialists can help you find the best Arkansas drug rehab facilities, and ensure that you choose the one that will give you your best chance at success.

Treatment centers are not only suggested, but often they are actually necessary in order to achieve and maintain long-term abstinence.  With the right help any addict can make a full recovery if they are willing to commit to a treatment program.  Arkansas drug rehab facilities are widely available to assist you through the process.  If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction don’t delay.  Find the right drug rehab center now, and get started on the road to a drug-free life.

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