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Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a serious condition. Many who are faced with addiction-related issues may feel that their situation is hopeless. They try to stop on their own only to find that it is too difficult and end up using again despite their best intentions. Physical dependence and all the complications that go along with it often make substance abuse treatment their only option. While this option is readily available, many who need treatment may believe that drug rehab is out of their reach. But it isn’t. We can help you find some of the best drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Mesa and other areas of Arizona. Call us now at 877-420-2948 to find out how.

Mesa is a part of the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale Metropolitan Statistical Area, which the U.S. Census Bureau lists as the fourteenth largest metropolitan area in the country. There are a large number of substance abuse treatment centers in the surrounding area, making drug rehab centers in Mesa easy to find. These Mesa drug rehab facilities offer a wide variety of services and are available to addicts of all financial backgrounds. Any addict can find the help he or she needs for his or her substance abuse issues at a drug rehab in Mesa, Arizona.

To find the best rehab program, an addict and/or their loved ones will have to determine what the individual’s needs are when it comes to substance abuse treatment. Factors such as location, cost of care, payment options and duration of the program may determine what is possible for the addict. But other options, such as type of treatment model, type of services and aftercare options should be tailored to the individual. The most important thing to remember is that there are options available and that any substance abuse treatment center you choose should be the one that will give the individual his or her best chance at success after treatment.

Mesa Drug Rehab & Information on Drug Abuse

According to statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale population has a higher rate of drug use than the rest of the country. When surveyed, 16.1 percent of persons over the age of 12 answered that they had used an illicit drug in the past year. That means that 558,000 people in the region, or one out of every six, used a drug such as marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine or prescription painkillers. Methamphetamine has a slight edge over the other drugs for rates of admission to drug rehab centers in Mesa. This powerful stimulant keeps addicts hooked through strong psychological cravings they experience when they are not using. Meth has a high incidence of dependence and addiction for regular users and is easy to find in the metro area. Most meth addicts need professional help through a substance abuse treatment center to get off of the drug.

Abuse of prescription drugs is also on the rise in Mesa, and the area has more prescription painkiller users on average than the rest of the country. Using pain-killing narcotics for non-medical purposes leads to several complications, which include physical dependence. Users initially try these pills for pain relief or the euphoric feeling they produce, but can become addicted easily with continued or regular use. When dependence occurs, the individual experiences uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when they stop using, which lead many of them back to the drug.

Some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in Mesa are:

  • Hydrocodone
  • Oxycontin
  • Ritalin
  • Lortab

Rehab centers are familiar with the specific needs of pill addicts and abusers and are the best solution for addicts who are ready to end their addiction. Many of them may require short says in a detox program before the patient begins treatment. Others can start long-term residential care right away. Those on heroin may also have to take this treatment path.

Heroin is also prevalent in the region and causes many of the same issues that prescription painkillers cause in users. Fear of withdrawal and being sick when they go without the drug can keep heroin addicts using for years. There is an added risk of HIV and hepatitis infection for IV heroin users, and all Mesa drug rehab centers have the ability to screen for these diseases.

Heroin addiction grips its users and may seem impossible to kick. Rehabs understand this and offer services to help the addict develop skills they can use to remain clean after treatment.

Mesa Alcohol Rehabilitation Options

Alcohol is still the number one reason Americans seek out the help of substance abuse treatment centers. While the number of hospital admissions for alcohol-related issues is slightly lower in Mesa than the national average, 23 percent of the adult population reported binging on alcohol in the past 12 months. This number represents nearly 1 in 4 adults in the region. Binge drinking is a major indicator of alcohol abuse.

Drug rehab centers in Mesa are equipped to service alcoholics and get them through the dangerous detoxification process. Alcohol does more damage to the body than people realize, and withdrawal can be life threatening if physical dependence has occurred. For this reason, substance abuse treatment centers are the safest and most reliable way to quit drinking for individuals who are addicted to alcohol.

Many alcoholics also use illicit drugs, and this combination can make things more dangerous. Rehab centers are able to do a thorough assessment of the person’s complex addiction issues to ensure the best course of treatment. If you are in need of substance abuse treatment for alcohol or poly-substance issues, there are drug rehab centers in Mesa to fit your needs.

Inpatient Rehab Mesa Arizona

Inpatient rehab may seem like a huge commitment. It requires time and effort and can keep you away from your family or your job for an extended period. While all these concerns are legitimate, it is important to remember that the National Institute on Drug Abuse lists duration of treatment as a key factor in determining whether addiction treatment will be successful. This is not to say that outpatient treatment cannot be effective, but it does indicate that an inpatient option will have a greater chance of success.

Rehab programs come in all shapes and sizes. There are inpatient programs available that range from one month to up to a year in duration. These programs offer different payment options based on insurance and personal income. There are options available to those who are unable to pay for treatment. Any addict can find a substance abuse treatment solution that will work for them, regardless of their situation, in the Mesa area.

Inpatient alcohol rehab is also readily available, and there are centers that specialize in the specific needs that alcoholics have. There are inpatient centers that cater to alcoholics exclusively, and ones that are equipped to deal with all substance-related issues.

Inpatient rehab, especially long-term residential rehab, is often the best choice when it comes to choosing a rehab. Short-term inpatient programs can also be effective when used in combination with thorough discharge planning and extensive aftercare. Treatment centers are available to fit a wide variety of personal needs, so it is important to explore all the options before you make up your mind. Addiction is tough but not impossible to beat with the right help. Finding the right rehab in Mesa, AZ is easier than you think.

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