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According to Wikipedia, Wasilla, Alaska is the sixth largest city in the state. The city has over 5,000 residents and more than 1,300 families, and more than 40 percent have children under the age of 18. Wasilla has a wealth of natural resources as it is home to the mining, trapping, and timber industries. Unfortunately, like most of the cities in Alaska, Wasilla has its share of drug addiction issues.

Alaska is the largest state in the Union — and the most sparsely populated. Most of its residents are spread throughout the state, with the exception being the Anchorage metropolitan area. Forty percent of Alaskans live in this area and thousands of them live in Wasilla. 

Alaska as a whole uses illicit substances at a higher per-capita rate than the national average, and residents of Wasilla experience their share of alcoholism and addiction. More Alaskans go without drug treatment than residents of any other state.

Wasilla, Alaska Alcohol Rehab — What You Need to Know

According to the Huffington Post, Wasilla is the “meth capitol of Alaska.” In 2013, authorities discovered 43 meth labs, a significant jump from the nine they discovered in 2003. The city receives approximately 40 calls a month from citizens reporting abuse of the drug.

Besides methamphetamine, Wasilla faces challenges with drugs such as:

  • Prescription Painkillers
  • Marijuana
  • Synthetic Marijuana (Spice)
  • Other Prescription Drugs

Addiction encompasses a physical dependence on a substance and the consequences that go along with it. Substance abuse affects every area of a user’s life and can be devastating when left untreated. Addicted individuals who choose their addiction over the process of recovery live shorter lives and experience more complications than those who attempt to get help.

Long considered a choice and a sign of weak will, addiction has been stigmatized by society at large. Many still consider addicts to be lost causes. Over the past few decades, researchers have gained more insight into how addiction works and what it does, and it’s now more obvious why treatment is entirely necessary.

An addict experiences one or more of the following signs as a result of his or her drug abuse:

  • Loss of control — Using more than intended or not being able to stop. This includes using during inappropriate situations.
  • Tolerance — Needing to drink increasingly more or take increasingly more drugs to feel intoxicated.
  • Obsession — Having frequent thoughts about using and planning all your activities around it.
  • Cravings — Experiencing strong urges that come out of nowhere that compel the individual to use.
  • Physical dependence — Requiring use of the substance to function normally. These changes occur internally and happen to everyone who uses drugs or alcohol regularly.
  • Withdrawal symptoms — Uncomfortable physical and psychological effects that occur when use ceases. 
  • Continued use despite negative consequences — Using even when the addict knows it is having negative effects on his or her health, job, or psychological well-being. This can include risk-taking behaviors.

Not one of these signs is indicative of addiction in itself. However, when they occur in combination, addiction has unequivocally developed. Each sign should be seen as a red flag. If the user experiences at least three of them in a short period of time, it may be time to seek professional help. 

The process of addiction takes time, but once physical dependence is established, it can be difficult to abstain. The combination of all of the above signs together works to keep the addict trapped in the cycle of abuse. The sooner addiction is treated, the better the chance of rehabilitation, so if you see these signs in your behavior or in that of someone you love, act immediately.

How Wasilla Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

If left untreated, addiction can lead to loss of relationships, jobs and physical health, financial ruin and ultimately death. Addiction is so powerful that addicts continue to use in spite of these risks. In reality, the addict or alcoholic may not realize how desperate his or her situation is until it is too late. The obsession with the substance can create a type of tunnel vision where the addict basically lives to use. Failed attempts to quit can add to this and may convince the addict that there is no hope. Many addicts resign themselves to a life of unending substance abuse.

Drug rehab centers understand this mindset and exist to help the lost addict find a way back to a healthy lifestyle. This is a difficult process, but one that can be successful with the proper support. Drug treatment has evolved to address all the specific needs of the addict throughout the process and ensure the most effective solution to each new problem as it appears.

Drug treatment centers vary based on a number of factors and use different treatment models to assist the addict in his or her transition from substance abuse to sobriety. The following are the three major phases of addiction recovery.

  • Detoxification — Getting the addict sober and enabling him or her to start the recovery process.
  • Stabilization — Stabilizing the addict’s physical and emotional health through the difficult period of early sobriety.
  • Long-term rehabilitation — Providing the substance abuser with the tools necessary to transition into a life of abstinence and the skills needed to maintain sobriety after treatment is complete.

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction must be a long-term process. Simply quitting drug or alcohol use is only the beginning. Without proper treatment, many addicts relapse without developing skills to stay clean. Wasilla drug rehab centers know how to prepare addicts for the healthy drug-free lifestyles. 

Help for addiction is available to every addict who has the courage to change. Support from treatment professionals is in every addict’s reach.

If you or someone you love is ready to deal with a substance abuse-related issue, there is no time like the present to take action.

Find the help you need and get started on the path to a new drug-free existence.

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