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Juneau is the capital city of Alaska and the second largest city by area in the United States. The population is relatively small, but that doesn’t mean Juneau residents don’t experience problems related to drug and alcohol addiction. 

Drug and alcohol abuse is a problem throughout the United States. Many people who have never experienced addiction-related issues may have a hard time understanding why treatment is necessary. Understanding addiction, and how it works, can help you understand why addicts have such a hard time quitting — and can explain why rehabilitation is the answer.

Juneau drug rehab centers are equipped to help addicts learn to live without their substance of choice. Whether they use illicit drugs or binge on alcohol, addicts can come to these centers for the help they need to quit for good. Addiction can ruin lives, and no one should suffer alone.

How Juneau Alcohol Rehabs and Drug Rehabs Can Help

According to reports from the Juneau Empire, there were nearly $2 million in drugs seized in Juneau during 2013. While heroin use has dipped slightly, prescription drugs like OxyContin are taking a major toll on Juneau and its residents. Methamphetamine use is also a major problem.

Some of the major drug threats to Juneau include:

  • OxyContin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Heroin
  • Synthetic marijuana (Spice)
  • Marijuana
  • Other prescription painkillers
  • Cocaine
  • Fentanyl
  • LSD
  • MDMA

On the surface, drug or alcohol addiction can appear to be caused by the addict’s unwillingness to change destructive behaviors. In truth, there are a variety of unseen symptoms of addiction that make it hard for addicts to quit. Addicts will continue to use despite the consequences and their desire to avoid the behavior. Many motivated and well-intentioned individuals try to quit — only to find that they relapse. This process can be dispiriting and cause the addict to abandon hope.

The staff at Juneau drug rehab centers is experienced with helping addicts and alcoholics in these situations. They understand the underlying causes of addiction and the physical dependence that keeps addicts using. Addiction is not something that can be fixed in a day and it is not a condition that gets better on its own. Drug addicts and alcoholics have inadvertently changed the way their bodies and minds work, and these changes have serious side effects.

When a person uses a substance regularly, the body adjusts accordingly. The body begins to consider the presence of the drug normal and relies it on to function properly. When the drug is taken away, the body experiences a chain reaction of negative effects severe enough to cause the person to use again, despite his or her best intentions. This is a normal biological process that no one who uses frequently can avoid. The longer the substance abuse continues, the more profound the changes and the stronger the physical dependence. When the substance abuser tries to quit, he or she experiences symptoms that are impossible to ignore, and the cycle of addiction becomes hard to break.

For this reason, addicts and alcoholics require more care than simply stopping their use. After cessation, longer-lasting symptoms begin to appear and can plague the user for several months. The staff at Juneau drug rehab centers understand these symptoms better than anyone and are staffed with trained professionals who know exactly what the addict is going through. Most addicts and alcoholics require this level of help to beat addiction and its related problems for good.

There Is Help for Addiction in Kenai

The purpose of all drug rehab centers is to get the addict or alcoholic sober and give him or her the time to change. The methods drug and alcohol rehab centers use can vary, but all have similar structures.  The most common effective treatment programs use a combination of the following to help addicted individuals recover:

  • Detoxification — Before recovery begins, the body must rid itself of toxins so it can return to its normal state of functioning. During this period, a drug rehab center can manage the symptoms of withdrawal to make the process as painless as possible.
  • Stabilization — Once the body and mind readjust to operating without the substance, they start to heal and the client’s overall health begins to improve. The stabilization process takes time and the addict can experience ups and downs.
  • Skills development — During active addiction, the user experiences a lifestyle revolving around getting and using the substance of choice. The transition back to sobriety requires the development of new life and coping skills, and the relearning of old ones that the addict hasn’t been using. Life and coping skills are essential to long-term sobriety and are best learned in a treatment program.
  • Addiction relapse prevention — Abstinence is easy to maintain in a controlled environment. The real challenge comes after treatment is complete. During their time in rehab, clients learn ways to manage long-term withdrawal symptoms and avoid traps that can lead them to relapse.

All of these elements work together to give addicts their best chance at long-term success. Family and community support are also necessary for the addict when he or she returns home. The process of addiction recovery sometimes involves relapse, so it is helpful to find a drug treatment program that offers some form of follow-up care. Juneau drug rehab centers are dedicated to facilitating the transition to active sobriety as much as possible.


There are several options for addicts and their families when it comes to rehab. There are also treatment professionals available to help in the decision-making process. Finding the right center that is the best fit for the addict’s personal needs can make all the difference. Help is readily available, and no one with a drug or alcohol problem need go without it. The process of recovery starts with asking for help and ends with a happy and healthy drug-free life.

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