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Fairbanks is the second-largest city in Alaska with a metropolitan area population of nearly 100,000 residents. While Fairbanks may be immune to some of the problems that cities in lower 48 states experience, it experiences more than its fair share of drug and alcohol addiction. No resident of Fairbanks should have to live a life plagued by addiction.

Alaskans in general use illicit drugs at a much higher rate than the national average. In fact, Alaska ranks highest among all 50 states when it comes to illicit drug use and ranks high for alcohol abuse as well. With so many users, it is only natural Fairbanks experiences a high rate of addiction, and its associated personal and social problems.

The good news is help is available in the form of Fairbanks drug rehab centers. There are a number of options available for addicts and alcoholics who need help and a number of ways to find them. If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction and ready to find help, there is nothing standing in your way on the road to recovery. Professional help is necessary to manage addiction, and treatment centers understand the unique problems that addicts experience when they try to stop using.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Fairbanks

For generations, drug addiction and alcoholism have been largely misunderstood. From the outsider’s perspective, addiction can seem rather simple to solve — if drugs and alcohol cause you problems, you should quit using them. The fact that addicts and alcoholics continue to use in spite of the negative consequences has baffled and frustrated many family members and friends. This misunderstanding has caused the proliferation of myths about addiction and has served as an obstacle to effective treatment for many.

In the past few decades, a better understanding of addiction has emerged. We now know that all regularly used substances cause some form of physical and psychological dependence in the user. Addiction takes time to develop, but brings with it physiological changes that can make quitting next to impossible. The addict will often quit for a short period of time, only to relapse into active use. To people who have never experienced addiction, this is incomprehensible and it’s the reason those closest to the addict often lose hope.

What actually happens to an addict is, in a sense, predictable. After a period of abuse, the substance the addict uses is no longer as effective, and he or she needs to use more to experience the same effects. The continued and increased use causes physical changes to the inner workings of the addict’s brain, and before long, he or she loses the power to control use. When the addict doesn’t use, he or she experiences intense cravings for the substance. Addicts then become obsessed with their drugs to the point that they become distant and start to lose interest in things they once enjoyed. This creates a cycle of use that causes addicts to continue using to feel “normal,” despite the negative consequences and risks.

Once physical dependence sets in, the addict starts to experience uncomfortable symptoms when he or she tries to stop for any period of time. These symptoms vary based on the substance of choice but are all difficult to ignore or work through. The addict basically becomes sick when not intoxicated, which leads him or her back to the substance causing his or her problems. Fairbanks drug rehab centers understand and can help addicts identify and disrupt the cycle. Treatment is almost always necessary to ensure the best chance at long-term abstinence.

Drug Treatment in Fairbanks

Like all drug treatment programs, Fairbanks drug rehab centers seek to get addicted individuals off of drugs and alcohol, and teach them to stay clean.  For this reason, detoxification is the first step of drug treatment. While detoxification is necessary, it is important to note that detox alone does little to influence long-term drug use. Many addicts and their loved ones may think that if they could stop using things would be fine, but unfortunately this is only the first step of the process.

Good Fairbanks drug rehab centers know that detoxification is necessary for the treatment process to begin and understand the importance of the next steps in the process. After the addict has endured the withdrawal phase, his or her physical health will start to improve. It is at this point the mind begins to clear and the real work can be done. Through a combination of drug education, behavioral therapies and life skills improvement techniques, victims of addiction can obtain all the necessary tools to battle addiction.

Drug recovery can be a lifelong process — and starting out with best possible treatment program goes a long way. Fairbanks drug rehab centers can give addicts the opportunity to develop the skills to remain abstinent in the most difficult situations. Because latent withdrawal and cravings are a reality for addicts, follow-up care and relapse prevention skills are essential. When deciding on a rehab option, find one that will help you transition into a sober life.

There are a variety of options available for addicts and their families. No one should face a life of addiction on his or her own. While addiction is difficult to overcome, it can be done with help and support. Fairbanks drug rehab centers are available to fit the needs of individuals to make sure they find the help they need. Find a treatment center today — and start the process of addiction recovery.

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