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Anchorage stands out among other cities in the great state of Alaska because it is the largest Alaskan city and the home of 40 percent of the state’s population. Its size and moderate climate make Anchorage a great place to live.

However, its size contributes to the addiction epidemic rampant in Anchorage and around Alaska. The state has the highest rate of illicit substance use in the country and a high incidence of alcohol abuse as well, according to the Office of Applied Studies. Heavy drug and alcohol use present a number of problems for Anchorage residents. Fortunately, help is available in the form of Anchorage drug rehab centers, which are necessary when substance abuse leads to addiction.

Finding help for addiction-related issues can seem like a daunting task. Many addicts feel like the help they need is out of their reach, so they decide to go without any help. This decision can lead to devastating consequences that not only affect the addict, but also everyone around him or her. If you think you or a loved one is suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, help is available. Knowing what to look for, what kind of help is available and what will work best for the addict will narrow down the list to the best Anchorage drug rehab centers, so you can make the most well-informed choice.

Help for Addiction in Anchorage

Addiction occurs when a person becomes physically dependent on a substance. Citizens of Anchorage struggle with addiction to substances including marijuana, prescription painkillers, heroin and alcohol, among others. The Alaska Dispatch reports that one of the biggest crises facing Anchorage is the multitude of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. To combat this, the state is taking action to treat female alcoholics in Anchorage and minimize the damage done by alcohol abuse.

Addiction, whether to alcohol or drugs, is a physical and psychological condition characterized by very real signs and symptoms.  Addiction is not the result of weak will or a lack of character; it occurs when the addict has lost his or her ability to control substance use. It is devastating to all areas of an addict’s life and can only be overcome with professional intervention. Anchorage drug rehab centers are the best places to find this help and offer the greatest chance at long-term recovery.

Addiction can happen to anyone who regularly or continually uses alcohol or illicit substances.  There are various factors that make some people more likely to become addicted, but no one is immune.  Addiction happens over time. Once it has set in, it becomes nearly impossible for the addict to quit on his or her own.  At this point, intervention is required.

A person who becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs faces serious side effects. Most notable are cravings and withdrawal symptoms when addicts discontinue using the substance. Cravings are strong urges to use. They can overwhelm a person and cause him or her to become intoxicated whether he or she wants to or not. These urges can seem to come out of nowhere and require a specific set of skills to deal with. Anchorage drug rehab centers can teach an addict these skills and help them learn to live a life of abstinence. Cravings can occur for several months after the individual has stopped using, which makes learning to deal with them a necessity.

Withdrawal symptoms are the most common reason motivated individuals relapse into active drug or alcohol use when they try to quit on their own. The symptoms associated with withdrawal are varied by substance but they are all uncomfortable and difficult to manage. They are particularly hard to deal with at home, because the addict knows their substance of choice will make them go away. This leads to a cycle of use that consists of drinking or getting high just to avoid these negative symptoms.

The specialists at Anchorage drug rehab centers can manage these symptoms and help addicts get though them with a minimum of discomfort. In a rehab setting, addicts can know that they are in a drug-free environment, which can go a long way in helping addicts resist cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Anchorage Addiction Services

The purpose of any drug rehab center is to provide a safe environment that facilitates change. Addiction recovery is a difficult process that requires hard work. Good rehab centers understand this and have experience getting their clients through the process. In the same way addiction doesn’t happen overnight, the process of recovery takes time. Drug treatment programs are designed to be efficient and effective — not only do we want to get addicts off drugs, but we teach them how to stay off drugs.

Rehab programs must start with a period of detoxification. This process rids the body of substances in order for recovery to begin. Withdrawal symptoms are managed, and the client’s physical health is restored. After detoxification is complete, the mind starts to clear, and recovery becomes possible.

Drug rehab centers vary in the addiction treatment model they use, but generally all treatment centers use a combination of behavioral therapy and skills building interventions to give the addict the tools he or she needs to stay clean and sober. Relapse prevention and life skills provide the client with safeguards against cravings and latent withdrawal symptoms he or she may experience after treatment is complete.

There Is Hope

There are many factors to consider when looking for drug or alcohol treatment in Anchorage or elsewhere. Some of the factors such as location, duration of treatment and level of care are limited by availability and personal restrictions. Long-term treatment is preferable, but there are a number of options available to suit clients who can’t commit to lengths of time to recovery.

Talking to a treatment professional and letting him or her know about your individual concerns and personal needs is the best way to find an option that will be right for you. Committing yourself to a treatment center that can create an individualized treatment program will help ensure the best overall chance at success.

It is extremely important to explore all the available options when comparing Anchorage drug rehab centers. Not every center will be right for every addict, and no one who is suffering from addiction should settle when it comes to treatment. Recovery from addiction is a difficult process, so it is imperative to give the addict the best possible conditions in which to change.

The long-term effects of addiction can be devastating, and the cost of letting addiction remain untreated could be a life. Help is available to anyone who is willing to ask for it, so don’t be one of the millions who refrain from getting treatment because they believe that it’s unavailable or impossible. Find help today and learn to live the drug and alcohol-free life you deserve.

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