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The fifth-biggest city in Alabama, the culture of Tuscaloosa is strongly influenced by the presence of the University of Alabama. The university is a major employer in the area and also sees the influx of tens of thousands of students every fall. It’s safe to say that without the University of Alabama residing in Tuscaloosa that it would be a completely different city.

While there are many positive aspects to having a major public university in your city, there are certainly negatives, too. For all the economic boosts that the university supplies (and all of the civic pride at having an incredibly successful sports program), its presence also means that Tuscaloosa is bound to have major problems with drug use.

One of the most damaging (but widely accepted) ideas among young adults is that your college years are a great time to experiment with drug use. This leads to hundreds of thousands of young adults all across the country engaging in dangerous (and sometimes deadly) behavior. The University of Alabama is no stranger to this. Lots of young adults with the newfound freedom of college make the very bad decision to start using drugs and alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that any family has to be okay with it.

Any family that is sending a child off to college in Tuscaloosa owes it to themselves to get educated on all the popular forms of drug use in Alabama so that they can take action to protect their kids.

Tuscaloosa Drug Problems Often Start Early

To start getting educated on what drugs are being used in Tuscaloosa (and around the state), a great resource is the Alabama Drug Control Update. This government report lists out which drugs are the most popular in the state, as ranked by the number of residents attending rehab for addictions to them.

By using this resource, families can figure out what drugs they really need to be on the watch for. Instead of spending time worrying about every drug mentioned in the news and on TV, parents should first be reading up on these drugs and learning how they affect the mind and body. Once you know the symptoms of drug abuse for each of these drugs, after all, you can start to take effective action against them when they show up in your neighborhood.


The most popular drug in Tuscaloosa and across the state is marijuana. Weed has been the most widespread drug on college campuses for decades, so it’s not a surprise that it’s also the most prevalent drug at the home of the University of Alabama. False information about the supposed safety of marijuana has been repeated enough times in the media, TV shows and movies that many people actually think they are safe when they use this drug. The truth is that marijuana can actually cause many health problems, including lung cancer.


Another powerful recreational drug in Tuscaloosa is cocaine. This drug is used by students that want to be able to stay up all night partying. Because of its powerful effects as a stimulant, many cocaine users will actually employ it to counteract the effects of alcohol and prolong a drinking binge. Cocaine can actually be used as a way of making the depressant effects of alcohol temporarily dissipate. This actually makes drinking even more dangerous than it already is, as someone that is binge drinking under the influence of cocaine might not realize when he has reached the point of alcohol poisoning. When the cocaine wears off, the drinker can pass out and die.

Prescription Opiates:

Out of all the dangerous drugs on this list, prescription opiates are some of the worst. These medications can easily be abused in a similar manner to heroin. In fact, when pain pill users have been abusing the drugs for too long, they often run into difficulty finding continued sources for more opiate painkillers. In other cases, the drugs simply become too expensive to purchase. In both situations, pain pill addicts often start using heroin as a cheaper and more broadly available high. While heroin has not become a huge problem in Tuscaloosa yet, it could conceivably be on in the future.


Two common varieties of stimulants are amphetamines and methamphetamine. The first is more commonly known as speed, the second as meth. Both drugs can give the user a surge of artificially created, manic energy. While some varieties of amphetamines can be prescribed by a doctor, methamphetamine is a completely illegal drug that is synthesized from toxic chemicals. Self-styled chemists mix drain cleaner, battery acid, lye and many other chemicals together in order to make a drug that is more addictive than many other drugs on the black market today.

College campuses are well known for giving young people access to many types of drugs (including all of the drugs mentioned above), so parents should start their research right away in order to be fully prepared.

Solutions Through Rehab Facilities in Tuscaloosa AL

Any family or community member that already knows someone who is addicted to drugs (or has recently spotted the signs of drug abuse) can’t fall back on prevention. It’s too late, your loved one is already using drugs and you need to move forward to handling the situation. The best way to do this is to find the rehab center that will help in getting your friend or family member clean again.

Different rehab centers will use different approaches to meeting that goal, so it is vital that you find one that will work for the person you know. Here are some suggestions to help find the center that will work best:

  • Detoxification: When someone has been using drugs for any significant length of time, it’s not good enough to just have the person wait a few days or weeks to “dry out” from the most recent drug use. If this approach is used, there is a very good chance the person will go back to using drugs again in the future. Instead, look for a drug rehab center that uses a method of fully detoxifying the person’s body so that he doesn’t have any cravings to use drugs again.
  • Residential inpatient treatment: When it’s your loved one’s life on the line, you don’t want to leave sobriety in the hands of an outpatient clinic that can’t actually keep track of its clients. A residential, inpatient clinic has all of its clients living on-site while it helps them work through their issues towards full sobriety.
  • Product-based treatment: Another major mistake is asking clients to leave after a set time period. Instead, find a rehab center that discharges clients once they are fully sober and ready to live on the “outside” in a completely sober manner.

It may take time to find a rehab center that fits these key qualifications, but it is well worth your efforts to look until you find it. You’re simply wasting your time if you “settle” in your search for the right rehab. You may have to look outside of Tuscaloosa or even the state of Alabama to find it, but it will be well worth it in the end.

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