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Montgomery is the second-largest city in Alabama, and it is also the seat of government for the state. It is a city rich in history, as it played host to several key events during the Civil War. In addition to being the capital of Alabama, for example, one of Montgomery’s claims to fame is that it was briefly the capital of the Confederate States of America before it shifted to Richmond, Virginia.

It is perhaps far more famous, however, for its role in the American Civil Rights Movement. It was here that Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat and helped start the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It was also here that Martin Luther King Jr. became the pastor of a local Baptist church and later began his civil rights activism.

Montgomery has seen some of the lowest and highest points of America’s journey towards truly embodying the idea of being a land of the free. The largest potential stumbling block in continuing this journey is the presence of current widespread and crippling drug abuse throughout Montgomery and the rest of Alabama.

One example of the growing problem is the high number of deaths in Alabama due to overdoses from opiate drugs. These drugs continue to grow in popularity, and law enforcement is having trouble in keeping up with the criminal organizations that bring them into the state and sell them. The media in Montgomery has reported on police making more arrests of drug producers and sellers, but that has done little to lower the threat that these drugs present to communities in Montgomery.

Helping Families Learn about Drug Abuse 

With so many families in Montgomery being affected by the many drugs that continue to flow into the city, the only viable action for families to take is to start getting educated on these drugs and what they do. No one can rely on the government or police to handle the problem of substance abuse, after all. It is only by dedicated action by every family that we can turn the tide around.

One valuable resource in doing that is the Alabama Drug Control Update. By having a list of what drugs are used most often in Alabama, families in Montgomery can get educated on the drugs being sold in neighborhoods all around them. The best way to use this information is to research each drug on the list in order to find out how it is used and what the symptoms of abuse are. Once you are educated, you can take effective action if these drugs show up in your neighborhood.

These are the four most popular drugs in the state:


Marijuana has been in the news a lot lately due to legalization efforts throughout the country. It’s not legal in most of the southeast, yet, but that has not dampened demand for the drug. Users are currently able to buy illegal strains grown in the US and Mexico, but it’s easy to predict that legal varieties of the drug will become more popular as more states continue to pass medical and recreational legalization laws in states near Alabama. Despite the myths promoted by the media, marijuana is definitely a dangerous drug with documented health risks. Don’t let anyone in your family become a victim of it.


The second-most popular drug in Alabama is a powerful one. Cocaine is well-known for its properties as an “upper.” It can give you a huge surge of chemically produced energy, only to leave you crashing down again later. It’s an expensive drug, but Montgomery’s close proximity to the transportation routes for cocaine coming from Mexico and South America mean that plenty of the drug finds its way into the city.

Prescription Opiates

Opiates are a form of pain medication that is designed to help dull chronic pain, but addicts found out years ago that these drugs could be misused to get high. More Americans are currently getting addicted to this type of drug than any other, and that includes Alabama residents. Pharmaceutical companies are working to make it harder to abuse these drugs, but they may be losing the race.


The stimulants being referred to in this category include speed and meth. Meth is especially dangerous because it is produced in homemade labs around the state. Any community in Montgomery that has a meth lab in it is in danger of the toxic fumes these labs give off (and the fact that they can explode and kill any close bystanders.)

As high schools and law enforcement are figuring out, the best way to combat all of these forms of drug abuse is to start educating families on how drug abuse begins and what it looks like when present. By giving seminars to the public, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and others are working to get this life-saving information into the hands of the parents that can best use it to keep any eye on at-risk teenagers.

Even if the schools and police in your area aren’t running their own seminars, you can use the information listed here to start doing your own research and finding out what you can do about the drugs in your neighborhood.

Rehabilitation Centers in Montgomery

While prevention is key in combating the spread of drug abuse, sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes the people in your life will start using drugs despite your best intentions. In these situations, you have to shift from preventative efforts to taking action to actually handle the drug abuse that is present. The number one best way to do this is to help the family member or friend that is abusing drugs to get help at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

When looking for the rehabilitation center that is right for your loved one, you need to decide what facility is going to have the right services and staff to actually get your family member off of drugs. While that seems like an obvious goal, you might be surprised at how often that is not actually the plan at certain rehab centers.

For example, many rehab centers don’t actually try to get people off of drugs completely. When they find someone addicted to opiate drugs such as heroin, they just give the person a replacement opiate drug like methadone. This drug is meant to stave off the person’s desire to use heroin, but most addicts just go on using heroin in addition to the methadone that the center is giving them. In the end, rehabilitation never actually takes place.

When looking for the right rehab center in Montgomery, you want to find a drug-free facility that is committed to helping your loved one free himself of all drug use. If you can’t find such a center in Montgomery, it is your responsibility to look in the rest of the state or even in other states until you find the right group of rehabilitation professionals. The facility you want to use will be one that has the goal of a completely drug-free life, and they will be able to prove their effectiveness with evidence. Keep on looking till you find them.

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