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Throughout its history, Mobile has always been one of the most important cities in Alabama. Its position on the Gulf Coast (and being the state’s only port on the coast) meant that it has been a leader in river transportation and commerce as long as Alabama has been an officially organized state. Mobile is also the third biggest city in the state behind Birmingham and Montgomery.

As seems to be the case for any big city in the United States, its size and importance have led to Mobile having serious drug abuse problems that are only getting worse. News reports constantly come in showing that drug trafficking into Mobile continues unabated. Everything from popular standby drugs like marijuana to brand-new synthetic versions of “spice” are making their way into unprepared communities.

Families that want to keep their kids safe from drug abuse are the hardest hit by substance abuse and the crime that it causes. In order to keep communities safe from drugs and crime, all families need to be able to learn how to keep young people safe from beginning to use drugs.

Drug Abuse Issues in Mobile

When drug abuse is only something that you here about on TV or see portrayed in movies, it is far too easy to get the idea that your family won’t be affected. The problem is that as drug use continues to expand in every corner of the state, the likelihood of it affecting someone you know increases. One in five high school students in Alabama experiments with alcohol, after all, and slightly fewer are starting to use marijuana. If you have a teenager, the odds are that he or she already knows someone that uses weed, or has even been offered it.

In this climate, parents have to be proactive and educate themselves on drugs before they arrive on your doorstep. In order to do this, one vital tool is knowing what drugs are the most popular in Mobile and throughout the state. By studying the Alabama Drug Control Update, parents can examine which drugs those are. Once they know what drugs are being used, they can start to learn how those drugs are used and what the symptoms and signs of drug abuse are.

In order, here are the drugs currently being used the most in Alabama cities such as Mobile:

1. Marijuana

This drug is one of the most common in the United States because it is easy to grow almost anywhere. Over the past several decades, marijuana has started to be grown in ever-more creative and illegal ways. In addition to being raised in secret grow rooms throughout the country, crops have shown up hidden on public land and in the middle of national forests. So many residents of Alabama and elsewhere are getting hooked on the drug that criminals will go to almost any length to supply it. With marijuana being legalized for medical and recreational use in many states, too, there are even more avenues opening up to those that want to get our communities hooked on this drug.

2. Cocaine:

Cocaine is another popular drug in Alabama. It is the clichéd favorite drug of big business executives and models, but the truth is that anyone can get addicted to this powerful South American export. Cocaine is an expensive and highly addictive drug that can cause a host of health problems in addition to creating a mental dependence on getting high

3. Prescription Opiates:

As numerous recent news reports have testified, the demand for pain medication illegally used as a method of getting high has been one of the fastest growing drugs abused in Alabama in recent years. While many patients start out using these drugs as a valid medication, they can quickly get hooked on these powerful narcotics. Pharmaceutical companies are working to make it harder to use their products to get high, but at this point, there are so many addicts that changing the formulation doesn’t help much. It simply leads those pain pill addicts to other opiates (such as heroin) when their pain pill sources dry up.

4. Stimulant Drugs

This category mainly refers to methamphetamine, as it is one of the most powerful and dangerous drugs in the country (and not just Alabama.) This drug is usually made in homemade labs in homes across the state, and they put the residents of Mobile and the rest of Alabama’s citizens in a huge amount of danger.

By getting educated on all of these drugs, you can do your part to help your own family stay safe. When you can reasonably guarantee that your own family is educated on the dangers of drug abuse, you can then extend your efforts to helping your friends and the community at large. Schools and other community organizations are always looking for volunteers that are willing to help spread the word on living a healthy lifestyle by being free of drug use.

Getting Help for Drug Use in Mobile

Helping educate your family and friends on drug abuse in order to prevent them from ever getting addicted is one thing, but there are many people that have already succumbed to drug abuse that also need help. The best way to get to these Mobile residents is to help them rehabilitate themselves of their past drug abuse.

When looking for the right drug or alcohol rehabilitation center, it is vital that you search for one with the right qualifications. In order to get your loved one past her addiction and back to a life of sobriety, the rehab center you choose should have the following qualifications:

  • A staff dedicated to full sobriety: Talk to the staff at prospective rehab centers in order to find out what their viewpoints are on actually getting clients back to a state of sobriety. You’ll find that many centers have the idea that it’s not actually possible to keep a person sober. They will warn you of the probability of many relapses. These are not the rehab centers you want to go with.
  • Not calling addiction a disease: Another disturbing modern trend in many rehabilitation centers is the tendency to call drug addiction a disease. It is not a disease, and any rehab center that says so is trying to give you an excuse (ahead of time) for why they won’t be able to help your loved one get clean. Find a rehab center that will treat addiction as a behavior that the addict can gain control of.
  • An all-natural approach: Instead of just giving the client more drugs (as many centers will now do) you want to find a rehab that is dedicated to getting your loved one off of drugs of all types. This all-natural approach works the best for getting clean and staying that way.

When you find the right rehab center, you’ll know it. By talking to the staff, you’ll get a strong sense that they actually want to treat your loved one as an individual and to help him get clean for the rest of his life. If you don’t find this rehab in Mobile, keep on looking until you find it. If that means going outside of Mobile, so be it. The health and happiness of your family and friends are what matters – not how far you have to travel to get it.

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