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Positioned north of Birmingham and close to the state line with Tennessee, Huntsville is one of the largest cities in Alabama. One of the reasons Huntsville has been an important city in the state is due to it being the home of the Marshall Space Flight Center, a division of NASA. It was here that the famous Wernher von Braun worked to develop rockets after World War II, and Huntsville has continued to contribute to American spaceflight ever since.

Despite its position as a leader in the nation for advanced aeronautics and space technologies, Huntsville is no more immune to the modern plague of drug addiction than any other area of the state. For example, Alabama currently ranks as the number one state for prescription drug abuse out of the entire country. Law enforcement in Huntsville are working to combat this threat, but they have quite a journey ahead of them.

The fact is that prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing category of drug abuse in the country (not just in Alabama) and cities like Huntsville are right in the path of the spread of these deadly drugs.

How to Get Treatment for Drug Use in Huntsville AL

Prescription drugs are just one category of the major drugs used in Huntsville and the rest of Alabama, but they are currently one of the biggest threats in the region. One reason for the rapid spread of these drugs is the fact that in recent years doctors have been prescribing millions of new prescriptions for painkillers across the country.

Most of these prescriptions are for opiate drugs that have similar chemical formulas to older opiates like morphine, opium, and heroin. While they are usually not actually created from the opium poppy (like the older opiates are), these drugs can be just as powerful as their “ancestors” when they are abused. Pharmaceutical companies are also constantly working to bring new opiate drugs to the market.

One called “Zohydro” is coming to the public now, and it is five times more powerful than the normal opiate drugs prescribed in recent years. It also doesn’t have some of the safeguards built into other opiates. While pharmaceutical companies bowed to public demands and made it harder to abuse pills like Oxycontin recently, Zohydro and others could still be abuse.

A potentially worse problem is what happens when a pain pill addict runs out of the funds needed to pay for these expensive drugs. When this happens, addicts usually have to turn to other street opiates to get their fix. What is the easiest opiate to get on the streets? Heroin. While Huntsville and other areas of Alabama haven’t yet seen the sort of heroin epidemic that is sweeping through other parts of the country, one could soon be on the way.

In order to help prevent Huntsville families from being affected by these drugs, the first step is for parents to learn how these drugs are abused. By learning the signs of abuse for all major drugs in Huntsville, they can be faster to take action if any of their friends or family members succumb to drug abuse.

Huntsville Drugs of Abuse

Here are the most popular drugs in Alabama, according to the number of addicts that had to go to rehab centers for treatment:

Marijuana: Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in Alabama, and that statistic holds true for Huntsville in particular. You don’t hear about the dangers of this drug in the media very often due to the fact that it is hard to overdose on weed. That doesn’t mean that the drug isn’t dangerous, however. Marijuana causes a lot of health problems, but they take longer to develop than the instant death by overdose that other drugs can create. You still need to take all proper precautions to ensure that your loved ones are not experimenting with this drug.

Cocaine: Speaking of more powerful drugs that can create overdose deaths, cocaine is definitely one of them, especially when it is combined with other drugs. This powdery stimulant is usually snorted to create a powerful, fast-acting high, and it is particularly popular in the party scene. Anyone from any walk of life can still get addicted to it, however.

Prescription Drugs: While they are currently the third-most popular drug in Alabama, prescription opiates are still abused at a greater rate in Alabama than anywhere else in the country. These drugs are also notorious for the fact that they cause a disproportionate amount of all overdose deaths. These drugs kill quickly and without warning. Anyone that is taking these drugs due to their doctor’s orders is, particularly at risk.

Stimulants: This category of drugs is another major danger in Huntsville. Even though it’s a major city, Huntsville still has close proximity to many rural areas that produce large quantities of methamphetamine and other homemade stimulant drugs. These are some of the most destructive substances to both the mind and body. While they may not be the most popular drugs in Alabama, they can cause major damage to any community they enter.

Start educating yourself on these drugs, and then move on to others such as heroin and ecstasy. You can only benefit from learning as much as possible about all of these drugs and the symptoms of their abuse.

How to Help Someone that is Abusing Drugs in Huntsville

Preventing the use of these dangerous drugs is a great first step for improving the safety and health of Huntsville. The sad truth, though, is that many residents of the area have already started using drugs. You may even know someone that is abusing drugs right now. If studying up on the signs of drug abuse helped you identify someone you know that is already at risk, the next step is to find a way of helping that person.

The best way to do so is to help your loved one to enter a residential drug rehab program. There are other programs, known as “outpatient” therapy, but these aren’t nearly as effective at helping addicts get off of drugs for good. The reason is that they rely on only occasional check-ins with the addict. There is no way they can ensure that he is not using drugs during the course of his treatment, and this leads to frequent relapses.

In a residential, inpatient program, addicts have access to around-the-clock supervision and treatment until they are actually ready to return to society drug-free. Getting over a drug addiction can be extremely difficult, and relapses can occur if the addict doesn’t have the chance to fully detoxify his body of all the drugs he has used over the course of his life. Look for a rehab center that does so and uses all-natural means to do it. If the rehab center you’re looking at plans to use “drug replacement” therapy to just give your loved one different drugs than the ones he’s already on, you’re not looking at the right center.

Search far and wide until you find a facility that is willing to treat your loved one like a human being with the realistic goal of staying drug-free forever.

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