For many, life after rehab can be a tricky and trying experience.  Once one has been in rehab for long enough, the inpatient center can feel like one’s home, and one can feel as though he or she would just like to stay in the rehab center forever and never have to face the outside world again.  This is because a rehab center is comfortable, and it offers little to nothing in the forms of the everyday challenges of human existence.  However, no one can stay in rehab forever, and eventually one will complete the program and emerge clean and sober with a new outlook on life, ready and willing to tackle life as a fully sober, recovered, responsible adult.

This can be pretty scary though.  Once one completes rehab one is usually thrown back into the workforce immediately, if only by necessity alone.  Without a doubt, jumping back into work and normal day to day life can be scary as one now again faces a lot of the same environments that he or she faced when he or she was an addict.  Thankfully, there are tools, tricks, tips, and remedies that can make working at a regular job right after rehab a little easier and more confrontable.

Four Tips for Tackling Work After Rehab

Staying clean and sober after completing rehab is all about strategies.  if one has the right strategy, then one will be fine.  If one does not have the right strategy, then a relapse is possible.  Listed below are five tips on surviving the work life after rehab:

Seek Out Aftercare

To not continue one’s rehabilitation process after completing rehab is akin to inviting a relapse upon oneself.  Not only do aftercare programs offer immensely valuable services that allow one to continue to work on one’s own society and recovery, but counselors at aftercare programs can also assist greatly in helping a newly recovered addict with problems that may have already arisen at the workplace.

Seek Out Help from Co-Workers

No one likes to be a burden, but a work place operates best as a team, and it is the responsibility of each and every co-worker to look out for each other.  If one is having a bad day, then one must seek out the ear of a fellow co-worker, even if just for a short, five minute chat to relieve some stress.

Take it Easy

The biggest mistake newly recovered addicts make when they come out of rehab is they try to overload themselves with too much work.  Since stress is one of the leading causes of drug and alcohol abuse in the nation in the first place, this is obviously not a good idea.  Take it easy at first, perhaps with just a part time job, and then gradually add on the workload when it seems appropriate.

Seek Help from Family and Friends

When one completes a rehab program and goes back to work, one’s strongest ally and most valuable resource is one’s family and close circle of friends.  Family and friends can be the ultimate barriers that keep a newly recovered addict on track and prevent him or her from relapsing in the future.  If one is having a bad day at work, then one should immediately seek out the help and assistance of a family member or friend in even just getting through the day.  One must remember that this is only temporary, and before long one will be able to make it through a work day easily.

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