addiction helplinesDrug and alcohol abuse and addiction is a terrible occurrence that has ravaged across the nation since its inception.  True enough though, addiction in general is much, much worse now than it has ever been before and it certainly is causing a lot more trouble now than it ever was causing in the past.  Specifically, since the turn of the century, addiction has been affecting the residents of the United States in ways never before seen.  For example:

• Prescription drug abuse increased by more than five-hundred percent between the year 2000 and the year 2010.  These drugs are now the most concerning drugs in all of American society and have continued to be concerning for some time now and will continue to cause worry in the future.  They are the most deadly drugs in the nation yet they are advertised and talked about like they are some great thing and a benefit to the people, though this could not be further from the truth in millions and millions of cases. For a strong percentage of those who take prescription drugs, specifically psychotropic drugs and opiate pain relievers, the bad effects of the drug severely outweigh any potentially positive ones.

• Heroin abuse is making a serious comeback.  This is a drug that had all but disappeared off the face of the earth as far as the United States was concerned until very recently.  In more recent years now, demand for this drug has shot up to a point of unprecedented levels.  This is largely because of the demand for prescription opiate drugs.  Pills can be expensive and hard to come by whereas heroin is now plentiful in many major urban areas and mid-sized cities too.  It’s an easy drug to transition to from pills.

• Marijuana use and abuse has skyrocketed.  The main problem here is that marijuana is the nation’s number one gateway drug so it is almost certain that it will create addiction problems for those who take it.  Furthermore, marijuana is a lot more common and popular now than it ever was before and that is because THC levels in marijuana are more than ten times as high as they were in the 1970s or 1980s.

How Addiction Help Hotlines are Helping Out

An addiction help hotline is any toll-free, 24/7 hotline number that often appears on websites and web pages that are about addiction.  These numbers can be called at any time by addicts who are seeking help with their addictions.  Once an addict calls in he or she will be connected to a trained and qualified referral counselor who can help the addict.  The counselor can speak with the addict for awhile and get a good idea of his or her life situation.  In doing so, the counselor can fully understand what needs to be done to get that person into a rehab center and off of drugs.

One of the big questions referral counselors have to ask is whether or not an addict has insurance.  This is because insurance can sometimes be used to be pay for some treatment centers or for some parts of the program.  If an addict doesn’t have insurance though, a referral counselor at such a hotline can absolutely still help them.  At this point, some of the options the referral counselor will discuss are:

• Financing the program
• Paying for the program with a self-pay option
• Asking family members of loved ones to help pay for the program
• Using scholarships to help pay for the program
• Working out a payment program to help pay for the program
• Using credit to pay for the program

All of these are totally valid and successful ways and means of getting those addicted to drugs and alcohol into rehab and off of drugs.  No addict should ever let his or her lack of insurance prevent him or her from getting into rehab and off of drugs, and by all means an addict should call such a hotline so a suitable center can be found for him or her.

No one should ever let anything stop them from seeking out help for an addiction.  Suffering with drug and alcohol addiction is certainly a difficult and upsetting occurrence but the end truly is in sight with the help of inpatient rehabilitation programs and centers.  With these centers, it finally becomes possible to win the crisis that is addiction once and for all and live a totally clean and sober life.


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