Addiction help hotlines are a relatively new tool that has emerged since the drug crisis in the United States reached unprecedented levels near the turn of the century.  Since then, drug addiction, drug abuse, drugged driving, drug overdoses, drug fatalities, drug accidents, drug thefts, drug violence, drug gang activities, and other negative drug-related issues have all been at all-time highs.  This has prompted various governmental organizations, local groups, affiliates, and rehab organizations to have to come up with new and different ways of tackling the drug addiction crisis that has swept the nation.

One of the main flaws in the system of an addict’s course through addiction, recovery, and sobriety was the initial stumbling block that most addict’s had in simply finding a rehab center.  Once an addict had decided that enough was enough and it was time to throw in the towel and get clean, it was found that eight out of ten surveyed recovered addicts admitted that one of the greatest struggles was not only getting clean itself, but simply finding an inpatient rehabilitation center to go to that was affordable, that met their needs, and that had spaces available!

Addiction help hotlines have all but eliminated this problem in its tracks.  An addiction help hotline is a toll free phone number that can be found on the internet.  Essentially, an addicted individual can call this number at any time of the day or night, any day of the week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year and can be instantly put in touch with a live referral counselor.  This over the phone referral counselor can assist the addict in finding him or her a stellar, accredited, affordable, and successful rehab program to go to for treatment.

This help is all but priceless in that it makes the addict’s task of finding a good rehab completely effortless.  Thanks to addiction help hotlines, no addict shall ever have to go through the rigorous process of struggling with finding a rehab program ever again.

Recovered Addicts: Where They are Now Today Thanks to Addiction Help Hotlines

Addiction help hotlines work wonders for struggling addicts.  These are tools that are priceless and invaluable.  Thanks to addiction help hotlines, more and more Americans are entering into rehabilitation centers every single year and achieving a level of sobriety previously thought of to be impossible.  This is all thanks to that first call that the addict made when he or she decided that it was time to quit abusing drugs and alcohol.  Addiction help hotlines are free, and once one calls, there is not only no obligation to take the referral counselor’s recommendation, but the call itself is also kept completely confidential and is covered under the HIPAA laws.

Recovered addicts, once they have completed a full and complete rehabilitation program and are enrolled in an aftercare program, generally go on to live quite normal if quite productive and impressive lives.  Because of what they’ve been through and how close many of them have come to death, many recovered addicts tend to tackle life with a zeal and a ferocity that is not often seen in the average individual.  Most recovered addicts go on to be very successful and prominent in their communities, often doing work within the recovery field to assist others in besting their own addiction habits.  Without a doubt, sobriety and recovery is entirely a worthy goal to work at for anyone who is addicted and who wants to beat their own respective drug or alcohol habits.

It is worth one’s while to call an addiction help hotline.  Even if one is just seeking help for a struggling addict and does not oneself have any type of addiction, one can still call a help hotline on behalf of the addicted individual.  Contrary to previous belief, there is no shortage of help out there for struggling addicts, and addiction help hotlines exist to make it possible for addicted individuals to finally achieve freedom and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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