Prescription Drug Abuse: A Cruel Fate for Those Afflicted with Such Addictions

Sadly, without a doubt the single most terrible and destruction addiction crisis of the 21st century is that of prescription drug abuse.  Prescription drug abuse affects literally millions of Americans nationwide with tens of thousands of Americans dying from these addictions every year and tens of thousands more becoming newly addicted to such substances.

It is shocking and quite upsetting that the number one addictive drugs in the nation are pharmaceuticals.  But this is indeed the truth of the matter.  With prescription drugs, the drug abuse and addiction in the nation has taken on a whole new level of severity and intensity.  This is sad to say it without a doubt, but it is the truth of the matter.  Americans have essentially dug their own graves when it comes to addiction and the abuse of pharmaceuticals.

Between 2001 and 2005 there was an increase of over three-hundred percent in the production, distribution, and proliferation of prescription drugs by American pharmaceutical companies.  The issue has become so severe in fact that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has actually labeled the issue a nationwide epidemic.  Some pertinent statistics can be found below:

•    Opiate pains drugs are perhaps the worst when it comes to what they do to the human body and how they create saddening overdoses.  For example, the opioids codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone led to 24,789 visits to emergency departments last year.

•    Barbiturates caused 396 deaths last year, some due to the drug alone, and some in connection with other drugs, suicide, accidents, or mental illness.

•    Furthermore, benzodiazepines caused 1,784 deaths last year, some due to the drug alone, and some in connection with other drugs, suicide, accidents, or mental illness.

•    Finally, and last but certainly not least, Opioids caused 2,285 deaths last year, some due to the drug alone, and some in connection with other drugs, suicide, accidents, or mental illness.

Rehab Help Hotlines to the Rescue for Prescription Drug Addiction

Sadly, it truly is prescription drugs that are causing the greatest upsets and difficulties in the nation when it comes to drug abuse.  Thankfully, certain websites have as their aim and purpose helping such addicted individuals find recovery and help for their addictions.  There exist many rehab help hotlines, i.e. toll free hotline numbers that one can call if one is seeking help with a prescription drug abuse issue or addiction.  If this is the case, then the issue can indeed be resolved and be resolved it must.

Thanks to rehab help hotlines, one must simply call the number provided to be put in touch instantly with a referral counselor who can not only assist the caller in finding a good inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization, but the referral counselor will even go the extra mile by further creating a specialized referral for the individual and actually referring him or her to the specific rehab program, thusly getting him or her several steps into the intake process in just a matter of a few short minutes.  If one is not yet ready to confront the actual prospect of going to a rehab center itself, the referral counselor on the other end of the line can help still.  In this case, the counselor simply acts to locate multiple different rehab centers as general options and prospects for the caller.  These can be gone over on the addict’s own time, and when he or she is ready, he or she can call the counselor back and ask to be referred to that specific center.

Thanks to rehab help hotlines, all hope does not have to seem lost for those who are struggling with prescription drug addiction.  In fact, it can be quite easy for those addicted to fight their way out of their own personal drug addiction battle with the help of such hotlines.  These hotlines exist to help all who are addicted, and the referral counselors on the other end of the line will do whatever they can to see to it that each and every caller gets into a qualified rehab center as soon as is possible.

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