Addiction in the Nation: A Cruel Trend that Causes Countless Tragedies

pregnant addictIn the United States today the problem of addiction has become a pretty severe one indeed. This is an issue that, if it’s allowed to continue any further, will have its own perilous consequences exacerbated by more and more individuals abusing drugs and alcohol across the country. This is something that the residents of the United States simply can’t allow.

To date, substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction has wreaked more havoc in the United States than it has in almost all other countries. For example:

•    More than eighty-thousand Americans die as a result of drug and alcohol addiction every year, and per capita that is more than almost all other countries.

•    In the United States, forty percent of all traffic accidents are because of substance abuse in some way. Furthermore, seventy percent of all violent crimes are spurned by substance abuse and drug addiction in some way. Finally, studies show that a staggering ninety percent of all sexual assaults are in some way caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

•    The numbers of those addicted in the United States has gone up immensely since the turn of the century. For these numbers there were roughly fifteen million addicts in the nation in the year 2000. By the year 2015, there were over twenty-five million drug and alcohol addicts.

•    Researchers analyzed and researched data from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample, specifically focusing on the detailed information of 57 million pregnant women who were admitted to U.S. hospitals between 1998 and 2011. What they found was both startling and frightening without a doubt.  Opioid abuse and dependence among pregnant women more than doubled during this short time period.  Furthermore, opioid abuse among pregnant women grew by 162 percent among women between the ages of 20 and 34.

Addiction in the Nation Today as it Pertains to Pregnant Women

A relatively new and increasingly severe issue involving addiction in the United States today has been that of the increasing numbers of pregnant women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  To stop using while pregnant, individuals should seek professional help.  In fact, it is almost always fatal for the fetus if a pregnant woman stops using without professional help.  However, if she does not seek professional help while pregnant, the baby will be born certainly addicted to drugs and alcohol and possibly with birth defects too.

Withdrawal, (the actual physical effects of stopping a substance one is dependent on), can be very dangerous for the fetus.  These effects can be dangerous in fact that they can be a threat to the fetus’s life. Alcohol and benzodiazepines, (e.g. Xanax), withdrawal is incredibly dangerous for the mother as well and should not be stopped “cold turkey”, by any means at all.

Professionals may wean the expectant mother off the drug over a safe time span this is true, but they still need to be very careful while also systematically decreasing the amount taken until it is reduced to nothing. There are holistic routes to take too in which the pregnant mother can take totally drug-free routes in safely and effectively coming down off of drugs and alcohol in such a way that will be safe for her and for the fetus too.

How Addiction Help Hotlines Can Help with Bringing Those Addicted Down Off of Addiction

There are many different ways in which those who are addicted can begin the process of coming down off of drugs and alcohol.  The best place to start is with an addiction help hotline.  With the help of an addiction help hotline, those who are addicted can actually begin the process of coming down off of drugs and alcohol by calling in to receive the help of a referral counselor.  Such a counselor can advise the caller on the best type of rehab program that will do the most good for the individual in question.  Such a counselor can also help pregnant women find rehab programs to go to that specifically cater to the needs of such women.  With this help, pregnant women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol can finally begin to address and resolve their own personal addiction issues by calling these hotlines and getting help finding such programs.

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