rural addiction hotlinesSubstance Abuse in the United States Today: An Alarming and Somewhat Traumatic Issue Indeed

Drug addiction and substance abuse has been a traumatizing and concerning issue that has plagued the United States for some time now.  This has been an ongoing problem that, if nothing is done to prevent it, could escalate into a full on epidemic indeed.  The situation is already bad enough as it is, and it doesn’t need to get any worse at all.

• In the United States today there are well over twenty-five million Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Prior to the turn of the century there were only about eight or twelve million or so.  Now, roughly eight percent of the entire U.S. population over the age of twelve is legitimately addicted to some type of drug or alcohol substance.

• The nation has seen more overdose deaths from drugs and alcohol in the last fifteen years than it did in all of the decades of the seventies, eighties, and nineties combined.  In this day and age, roughly eighty to one-hundred and twenty thousand Americans lose their lives every single year thanks to drugs and alcohol abuse and addiction.

• Few realize the true exacerbating cost of addiction in the United States.  This is a problem that causes massive effects on a ripple tide level all across America.  For example, just the mere existence of substance abuse is highly costly for the average American tax payer.  Studies show that when all of the costs that come about from medical bills, ambulance rides, collateral damage, legal fees, accidents, prison fees, state-funded rehab costs, and many, many more are all added up, drug abuse and alcohol abuse costs the nation roughly four-hundred billion dollars every single year.

• Substance abuse has really become inundated into American culture.  Prior to the turn of the century it was rare to meet someone who was a drug addict or even an alcoholic.  It was even more rare to be connected to someone of such habits.  Now however it is quite common.  In fact, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, (, showcases that roughly one out of every ten Americans know someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and about one out of every twenty Americans is intimately connected through familial ties to someone who is addicted and afflicted.

What Addiction Help Hotlines can Do to Help Addicts in Rural Communities

Addiction help hotlines are there to help those who are struggling with addiction and don’t know where to turn.  Recent surveys found that the number one reason why addicts do not find their way into rehab programs is because they are incapable of finding a good rehab program to go to.  This is by far the number one reason.  It’s not the cost of the program or the distance to the program but simply being able to find one that meets their needs.  This is where rehab help hotlines come in, especially with addicted individuals in rural communities.  For those struggling with substance abuse problems or an addiction of some kind in these areas, really only a help line can provide them the info they need.

An addiction help hotline is any 1-800 number that offer free referral services in as siting struggling addicts find a rehab center to go to.  They are often found on webpages that talk about drug and alcohol addiction.  For those living in rural communities, these help hotlines are immensely beneficial and helpful because they essentially give struggling addicts a lifeline to finding the rehab program that could potentially save their lives.  This service is invaluable to say the least.

The process is quite simple too.  All one has to do is call in to the hotline and one will be instantly out in touch with a referral counselor who can guide the caller in the right direction of finding a stellar rehab program to go to.  The referral counselor will have a short conversation with the caller first to better understand his or her specific situation so as to be able to find the right rehab program for him or her to go to.  Once this is done, the referral counselor will then set up the perfect rehab for the caller and even get the first couple of intake steps taken care of for him or her so that the overall process is streamlined as much as is possible.

This is an invaluable service that is now being provided all across the country in rural areas for addicts so struggling.  The best part is too is that it does not cost the addicts a penny.  All they have to do is go online and search for such help hotlines and they will effectively be taking the first step towards finding the absolute best rehab program to go to.

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