smartphones saving addictsIn a nation plagued with what many professionals have labeled the worst substance abuse and addiction problem since the nation’s inception, much concern and worry has been placed over what to do about those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Sure enough, the problem only seems to persist more and more as the years go by, and thousands more lives are lost every year than what was lost in previous years.

The sheer loss of life and the simply manifestation of addiction as an increasing issue has by far been the most concerning aspects and facets to this issue.  Addiction seems to be just getting worse and worse in this nation, and the truth of the matter is that this will not change by itself.  Rehabilitation centers have sprouted up all across the nation and these are certainly helpful and a lifesaver for thousands, but they will not resolve the issue themselves and by themselves.

Addiction Help Hotlines: Saving Lives One Addict at a Time

One particularly concerning phenomenon that has really begun to occur in the nation when it comes to substance abuse has been that of overdose deaths.  More and more Americans have been dying left and right as a result of overdoses, and the numbers ever year are not in the tens of thousands.  This has prompted the need for crisis help lines for these addicted and afflicted individuals.

Certain surveys and studies were done and it was found that one of the main reasons why those who were addicted were not getting off of drugs and alcohol was because they simply could not find a rehab program to go to.  They just couldn’t locate one.  Rehab centers are few and far between, but they do exist and they are incredibly successful and beneficial when it comes to trying to beat addiction once and for all.  This being said, addiction help hotlines have come about as a tool for helping struggling drug and alcohol addicts to find and get into a rehab center.

All one has to do is locate a website about addiction or rehabilitation and call the toll-free number provided on the site.  The caller will be instantly put in touch with a referral counselor who, after a brief conversation with the caller can guide him or her in the right direction of finding the right rehab program to go to.  In this way, it is certainly possible and likely for an addict to quickly, smoothly, and efficiently find and get into a rehab center.  Referral counselors at help hotlines have networks of thousands of rehab centers all across the nation, and this benefit has made for an effective link between the addicts themselves and the treatment programs that they need to go to.

One particular help line has really been making waves lately as being very helpful and beneficial.  Users who text 741-741 will reach the latest endeavor in this attempt at helping addicts during tough times, the Crisis Text Line. The volunteer counseling service has processed over 14 million messages since it was founded in the year of 2013.  This line has helped more addicts than most, and recently came under national attention as being one of the most helpful and beneficial hotlines that addicts could use to get help essentially 24/7.

There is no doubt about it, addiction is a problem and it has been for some time now.  This has been an issue that has been steadily worsening since the turn of the century.  Now there are over twenty-five million Americans who are heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol and who need to go to treatment centers for effective rehabilitation immediately.  Thankfully, addiction help hotlines are one tool that struggling addicts have for finding and getting into such rehab centers as soon as is possible.

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