addiction hotlines for studentsSubstance abuse has taken on a new face that has others all across the nation concerned and worried.  All across the United States ever since the turn of the century, children, teens, adolescents, and young adults are on the path to addiction despite seeing the destruction it’s done in their own families, according to addictions counselors nationwide.  Much concern has been placed on this issue, and not without good reason too.  Young adult and teen substance abuse abuse is definitely something to be worried about.  But where is it coming from?  How is it starting?

This is not all too surprising though, really, when one looks at the families of these very same young adults substance abusers.  For example:

• Children of addicted parents are the highest risk group of children to become alcohol and drug
abusers due to both genetic and family environment factors.

• Biological children of alcohol dependent parents who have been adopted continue to have an increased risk (2-9 fold) of developing alcoholism.

What this All Means

Recent studies done into the epidemic of young adult substance abuse now suggest a strong genetic component, particularly for the early onset of alcoholism in males, but also applicable to all different types and ages of young adults. For example:

• Sons of alcoholic fathers are at fourfold risk compared with the male offspring of non-alcoholic fathers.

• Use of substances by parents and their adolescent children is strongly correlated; generally, if parents take drugs, sooner or later their children will also.

• Adolescents who use drugs are more likely to have one or more parents who also use drugs.

• The influence of parental attitudes on a child’s drug taking behaviors may be as important as actual drug abuse by the parents.

• An adolescent who perceives that a parent is permissive about the use of drugs is more likely to use drugs.

• Children of addicted parents exhibit depression and depressive symptoms more frequently than do children from non-addicted families.

• Children of addicted parents are more likely to have anxiety disorders or to show anxiety symptoms.

• Children of addicted parents are at high risk for elevated rates of psychiatric and psychosocial
dysfunction, as well as for alcoholism.

How Addiction Help Hotlines can Help!

Addiction help hotlines are here to help.  They are toll-free phone numbs that appear on many websites that have information on drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general.  These tools are invaluable and are very helpful too.  Effectively, addiction help hotlines really can and must do everything that is necessary to effectively stop addiction where it occurs.

If a child of a parent who is abusing drugs or alcohol is trying to find a resource for getting his or her parent help then addiction help hotlines are the place to go.  Addiction help hotlines provide necessary information on excellent rehab centers and intervention options and resources that children of addicts can use to get their parents the help that they oh so desperately need.  This is the key here and this is what all those who are addicted ultimately need to get done if there is to be any real chance for a full recovery for these addicted parents.

Success and happiness is there and available for any American family that is addicted to drugs and alcohol.  This is needed and wanted as soon as is possible.  With addiction help hotline, it actually becomes doable.

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