Perhaps the saddest aspect of heroin addiction is that, while only about a third of those who try heroin just once actually do end up becoming addicted to it, roughly fifty percent of those who do become addicted to it actually end up dying as a result of taking it.  This is saddening indeed, but it is true and heroin has remained up high towards the top of the list of killers by sheer numbers in the drug and alcohol family.  To try and curb the sheer death toll of those overdosing on heroin and dying in the United States, various companies and non-profit organizations have worked together to establish non-profit, toll-free addiction help hotlines to assist those in need of treatment and rehabilitation who essentially cannot find or get that help for one reason or another.

Heroin abuse and addiction is a lot more common and essentially prevalent than it ever used to be before.  This just serves to make it even more important for those who are abusing it to get help for their addictions as soon as is possible.  A recent survey conducted by the National Survey for Drug Use and Health, (NSDUH), in 2007 indicated that 153,000 people in the United States were currently using and abusing heroin.  By the year 2008, this number had increased to 213,000.  Roughly five-thousand Americans die from heroin overdoses annually, with only a few thousand getting rehabilitated every year.  The problem is only getting worse, so drastic action must of course be taken to address these various, dismal situations.

The Role that Helplines Play in Fighting Addiction

In order to prevent withdrawal and potentially death, one needs to seek out inpatient rehabilitation as soon as possible and this is where helplines come into play.  The professionals at any hotline one calls can easily and efficiently connect one to addiction treatment centers where one can safely and effectively undergo the detox and rehabilitation processes both.  Another great thing that has really proven beneficial about these hotlines is not only are they free but they are also open all the time, so one can quite literally reach the professionals at heroin abuse hotlines 24/7.  These individuals are always available around the clock to guide one in the right direction.

Trained professionals will provide one with all the answers to one’s questions easily and effectively.  They will do it quickly and efficiently as being addicted is essentially living on borrowed time.  If one is considering a supposedly, “simpler” alternative, one should keep in mind that detoxing on one’s own does not lead to the most positive results, especially when compared to detox in an inpatient treatment program by any means at all.  In fact, those who do not seek outside assistance are more likely to relapse by more than five times, and detoxing on one’s own could also put one’s health in jeopardy too.  By speaking to a rehab help hotline counselor at really any toll-free heroin abuse hotline, one can quickly and simply learn one’s options and get started on the right track to recovery for a bette life for one and for all of one’s family members and loved ones.

Getting a caller into rehab is the goal of a help hotline.  With the addict in such a center anyone who is addicted to anything, no matter who they are, no matter what they are taking, no matter how long they have been taking it for, no matter how much they take when they take it, and no matter their age or sex, literally anyone can win the battle against addiction once and for all if one enters into a professional inpatient rehab program.  This is what will happen to those who are brave enough to make the call and change their lives for the better once and for all.

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