Beating an alcohol addiction may indeed be one of the most difficult things an alcoholic may ever do in his or her life.  Indeed, it is not publicized enough but coming down off of alcohol is actually more likely to kill an individual if it not done properly than coming down off of heroin is.  Alcohol creates some of the strongest chemical dependencies, and because it is so easy to get ahold of and is in fact almost forced upon American culture, this makes beating the habit quite difficult indeed.

However, the gains to be had from recovering from alcohol addiction are practically insurmountable.  One can completely turn his or her life around by becoming clean and sober, and it is a goal to aspire to.

Mannerisms to Follow: Five Traits Found in Successfully Sober and Recovered Addicts

• Tell No Lies

A sober individual is an honest individual.  Studies show that when one becomes clean and sober, he or she also drops a lot of the lying, cheating, suspicious activities, and covert operations that he or she did while addicted.  Some individuals may slip back into these mental machinations, but the ones that stay clean forever keep up the attitude of complete honesty across all subjects.

•  Know One’s Weaknesses

A recovered addict has been to the bottom and back again.  However, a recovered alcoholic who has been successfully clean and sober is also a very humble person.  Vanity, ego, and excessive pride for one’s accomplishments lead to relapse, where as a humble and peaceful attitude can lead to years of sobriety.

• Take Care of Oneself

Recovered addicts take care of themselves.  It is not enough to simply cure an addiction.  One must cure one’s life.  If one picked up any other bad habits while addicted such as not eating, not sleeping, not taking care of one’s body and one’s home, etc. then these must also be dismantled.

• Reach Out to Others

•Successfully recovered addicts venture for social activities amongst other sober individuals.  Studies show that relapses occur much more often amongst recovering alcoholics who are left alone and not socialized with or bothered.  Individuals who stay clean for long periods of time are individuals who are connected groups, friends, family members, and hobbies that are healthy and beneficial for them.

• Look Outward, Don’t Self-Criticize

An outward-looking attitude in necessary for any recovering addict.  It was inward thoughts and troubles that brought on addiction in the first place, and while self discovery is important and has its place, a recovering addict must not spend too much time looking inwards.

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