doctors support addiction hotlinesDrug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse as a nationwide crisis has grown to be so concerning and so troubling that the issue is relatively out of control now.  True enough, substance abuse just seems to be getting worse and worse and worse with no sign of it getting any better any time soon.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the substance abuse crisis, especially as it pertains to prescription drug abuse, is now at a full on, legitimate epidemic, something that had never been experienced before in this nation.

In times like these, concerned addicts, parents, loved ones, and other family members look to doctors, and the doctors are saying to look to addiction hotlines and support call centers.  Doctors can only do so much for addicts, not being that highly trained in addiction themselves.  Most doctors urge their patients to call a help hotline and speak with an over the phone counselor and rehab adviser who is in fact very well trained on all of the intricate ins and outs of addiction.

This is what the doctors of the nation are recommending, and they are recommending it because they know that twenty-four hour help hotlines are the best chances that most addicts, especially prescription drug addicts, have of beating drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.  Addiction help hotlines lines can really provide a lot of support to those who suffer with addiction, and such hotlines can even assist concerned callers in actually getting into a rehab center for their addiction crisis and problem.  This is totally key and absolutely needed and wanted.

Why We Need Addiction Help Hotlines

Here is just a brief look at the statistics that surround prescription drug abuse:

• For a look at the deadliest drug of them all, prescription drugs surprisingly enough takes the lead.  Here is a type of drug that is legal.  It is touted as being safe and beneficial to the health of those who take them yet more Americans die from prescription drugs than any other drug.  For example, from the years 2001 to 2013 there was a 2.5-fold increase in the total number of deaths from prescription drugs.  In the year 2010, over twenty-two thousand Americans died from prescription drug overdoses, more than triple the deaths caused from heroin overdoses.

• According to breaking report done by the National Institute in Drug Abuse (NIDA) prescription drug abuse has quickly become one of the top public health concerns in the United States of the 21st century.  The number of drug overdose deaths every year in the U.S. (a sad majority of which actually result from legal, supposedly “safe” prescription drugs) doubled in 29 states since the year 1999.

• Prescription drugs now claim more lives than any other type of drug on a yearly basis.  This is truly sorrowful as these drugs are legal, proclaimed to be safe, and are in fact hard-sold on Americans on a daily basis.  For the facts on this, in 2005, only 22,400 Americans died from drug overdoses, but in 2013, over forty-thousand Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses, prescription drugs having accounted for more than half of that total figure.

• Prescription drugs are rapidly becoming the new, initial drug abused for new addicts.  Of those who started abusing drugs in the last year of 2014, more than a quarter began by abusing a prescription medication (twenty-six percent actually).

Utilizing Hotlines

Hotlines are not only meant to give addicts crisis support and help in their hour of need, but hotlines are also meant to provide general comfort and solace to addicts who are going through a particularly hard time and to help them find rehabilitation.  This really is key and it has been for some time now.  With inpatient rehabilitation, the addict actually can finally beat his or her drug problem once and for all and it will become a thing of the past finally.  This is the best shot that any addict has at beating his or her drug problem, so help hotlines always try to assist addicts in finding rehabs to go to.  U.S. doctors absolutely support and recommend this approach for anyone who suffers with addiction.

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