crisis centers and addiction hotlinesAddiction help hotlines are the future of resolving addiction and of offering front lines help to those who suffer with drug and alcohol abuse problems.  True enough, substance abuse is a serious problem by itself, and a lot of times addicts do not get the help that they need in time to be able to beat their addiction before their addiction beats them.

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has a point of making a very serious and saddening effect on those who involve themselves in this gruesome activity.  When someone engages in such habits, he or she engages in something quite life threatening and dangerous.  The truth is, more than a hundred thousand Americans die from drug and alcohol abuse ever single year, making substance abuse in general one of the top causes of preventable death in the nation.

What Crisis Centers are Doing About It

Crisis Centers have seen the benefit and the helping hand that is offered by addiction help hotlines.  Addiction help hotlines are very typically the best helping hand that struggling addicts who decide they want to find help have at hand.  An addiction hotline is any toll free number to call to get help for anyone who is struggling with any kind of addiction problem or crisis.

To help bolster the aid for this crisis, crisis centers have also started to host their very own addiction help hotlines.  One Crisis Center director had this to say about the matter:

“Our goal is to not only link to help but to provide education on the process. Addiction is a complex issue, and a lot of frustration comes from the confusion of the process.  We need to remove that burden from the person suffering and give them an access point that they can call, when they are ready, any time of the day.  Our existing team has stepped up to help make this need a reality for our community and assisting with the line till we are able to hire more specialized counselors.  We know the courage to make the call doesn’t only happen from 9 to 5. We want to make sure that if someone is ready to talk that we are there at any time, at any hour.”

A real problem in the nation today has been that drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general is statistically speaking more acceptable than ever before.  Americans have fewer objections about abusing drugs and alcohol than they ever have before.  It’s a sort of accepted aspect of society that people just kind of assume is supposed to be happening, regardless of what is actually morally right or ethically true.  This perception and consideration about drug and alcohol addiction needs to change in such a way that Americans get back to the idea and the belief that drug and alcohol abuse is actually really not okay.  If they do not do this then it is guaranteed that the problem will only get much worse long before it gets any better.

This help is immensely beneficial.  When a struggling addict calls an addiction help hotline he or she will be instantly put in touch with a trained and certified referral counselor.  This individual can talk to the addict, hear his or her specific crisis and situation, and he or she can then point the addict in the right direct with a referral or two to one or two different rehab centers or programs to go to.  If this is done and if this is done effectively and properly, then really anyone who is addicted to anything, no matter what it is or how basely they are addicted, they can call and find the help that they need and really make it go right to beat their addiction crisis habit once and for all.

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