pharmacies can help spread the word about addiction hotlinesBecause so much of this nation’s drug and alcohol addiction problems have been brought on by prescription drugs, it is now being wondered and speculated as to whether or not American pharmacies can do something about that by helping at risk patrons get in touch with addiction hotlines.  The grim truth of the matter is that, now and since about 2005, prescription drugs have been the number one most deadly drug all across the entire United States and prescription drugs alone have killed more Americans than all other drugs combined.

That’s right, the drugs that are supposed to be safe and helpful and beneficial have actually proven themselves to be very dangerous, very deadly, and in fact highly addictive and quite fatal to literally tens of thousands of Americans who take them.  This is a seriously concerning issue and it is one that something needs to be done about soon before it gets any worse.  The addiction risks with prescription drugs is now on a level the likes of which has never been seen before, and a lot of that is because 2001 through 2005 saw a more than three-hundred percent increase in the production, distribution, and proliferation of these drugs out into the hands of the American populace, all thanks to American pharmaceutical companies and corporations.

The Numbers on the Crisis

The sheer horror of the statistics on these matters is incredibly grim too.  For example:

• Prescription drugs now sadly claim more lives than any other type of drug on a yearly basis.  This is truly very, very sorrowful as these drugs are legal, proclaimed to be safe, and are in fact intensively hard-sold on Americans on a daily basis.  For the brutal facts on this, in 2005, only 22,400 Americans died from drug overdoses, but in the year of 2013, over forty-thousand Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses.  All told, prescription drugs having accounted for more than half of that total figure.

• Prescription painkillers in particular are now killing more Americans than any other single type of drug substance.  These are the ones to watch out for the most by far, and unfortunately they are also the ones pushed by doctors and medical professionals the most.  Of the 22,400 drug overdose deaths in the U.S. in the year of 2005, opioid prescription painkillers were the most commonly found drug, accounting for about forty percent of the total deaths all in all.

• Prescription drug abuse is creating more and more emergency room visits every year sadly enough.  Over a full million emergency room visits involved the non-medical and addictive use of prescription medication in the year of 2011.

• Prescription drugs are rapidly becoming the new, initial drug abused for new addicts.  Of those who started using and abusing drugs in the last year of 2014, more than a quarter began by abusing a prescription medication, (twenty-six percent actually to be exact).

Why Pharmacies Need to Step In and Do Something About It

Pharmacies, including those in Northern California, need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the fact that many addicts end up getting their substances from pharmacies.  Addiction help hotlines are absolutely phenomenal in their proclivity for being able to help people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol to do what they absolutely need to do to get off of drugs and alcohol once and all and for good.  Addiction help hotlines assist addicts in finding the right rehab centers for them to go to get clean from their addictions.  With a connection to addiction help hotlines, pharmacies can assist local addicts in kicking their pill addictions.

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