Sadly, alcohol abuse and alcoholism has now risen to be one of the nation’s greatest health concerns. In fact, the alcohol abuse issue has now risen to such a serious point that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that there alcohol abuse and addiction issue in the nation was now that of a crisis, of an epidemic, and something that warranted nation-wide attention and addressment. Listed below are just a few facts and statistics that draw attention to just how serious this issue really is:

• Altogether, eleven million American adolescents and young adults between the ages of 12 and 29 need help with alcohol problems of one kind of another, and roughly nine million of these are between the ages of 12 and 25.

• Truthfully, alcohol addiction among the nation’s youth has actually never been as common or as prevalent as it is now. This is quite saddening and discouraging indeed too because young adults, when addicted, are much more severely affected by alcohol than adults are.

• Truthfully, a fully ninety percent of the nearly 2 million adolescents who need help with alcohol problems are not getting the help they need that they so desperately need.

• Factually, there is a huge shortage of inpatient rehabilitation centers in the United States, and also a huge shortage in the actual willingness of those addicted to seek out rehabilitation as soon as is possible, (2008 National Study on Drugs and Health).

• For some time now there has always been a very, very, very clear association and interwoven and interconnected relationship between adolescent alcohol use and unhealthy, risky behavior, including: unprotected, unplanned, unwanted sexual activity; impaired motor vehicle driving/passenger; involvement with juvenile justice system; poor academic performance and dropping out. All in all, alcohol abuse is often the common denominator in a lot of other unethical and immoral behavior and activities.

How to Know if You Need Help

But, hope do you actually know if you are an alcoholic? How does one know if one is truly addicted? Alcohol abuse has a lot of blurred lines and confusing areas and categories too it. For one thing, the substance is totally legal and easy to get and tens of millions of Americans drink alcohol without being adversely affected by it. So it is by no means a bad thing to drink alcohol, whereas even just doing heroin once is not only illegal, but it is also very life threatening and risking of an addiction and an overdose too.

Rehab and addiction help hotlines can help one figure out if he or she is an addict or not. The truth of this matter here is that these hotlines have professional referral counselors on the end of the line who have a wide plethora of knowledge of experience with addiction and substance abuse in general. All one has to do is call the toll free hotline and one will be instantly be put in touch with a referral counselor. This is the most effective and successful way of getting answers to one’s questions.

A referral counselor, (whose primary purpose is to assist callers into getting into inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, and rehab programs), can help a caller to effectively find a good rehab center to go to if one is truly addicted. However, if one does not know if one is addicted or not then one can always ask the referral counselor for help in deciding this or not. There are key signs and manifestations that, while they might show up differently in different people, are very indicative of the presence, or lack thereof, of addiction. With the tools and techniques that a referral counselor has at his or her disposal, you can get to the bottom of this and find out the truth.

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