addiction hotlines and interventionsAddiction help hotlines keep popping up as being the newest and the most beneficial approach to finding and getting into a rehab center for addiction.  For so long so many Americans struggled with their own addiction crisis and couldn’t find a good rehab program to go to.  That was the key difficulty that they kept running into, an overall difficulty and inability to find the right rehab center to go to.

This is where addiction help hotlines stepped up to the plate and started helping out.  With addiction help hotlines, any addict or any loved one of any addict for that matter can call in at any time of the day, night, and on any day of the week and talk to a real, live person who can guide them and coach them in the right direction for the right rehab center that would ultimately save their lives.

This was a totally invaluable tool and addicts everywhere all across the nation were thrilled to have been able to find such great help and assistance in getting clean from drug and alcohol addiction.  The great struggle of actually being able to find the right program to go to, was finally at an end and addicts all across the nation had the guidance they needed to take care of this step right quick.

How Hotlines Can Help with Interventions

Addiction help hotlines have taken their free services to another level now too, and they are also providing information on how to do interventions, and they even offer referrals to trained interventions and can put concerned family members and loved ones in touch with qualified professionals who can assist them in getting their addicted family member or loved one to actually be willing to go to rehab and to get clean from addiction once and for all.

This help is also quite invaluable and necessary.  Intervention is the key to convincing an addict to go to rehab who does not want to go.  Intervention is what is ultimately going to make the change here and make the difference.  With intervention, even the most unwilling and adamant addicts can be convinced to go to rehab.  Now families have the help of addiction help hotlines when it comes to intervening with their addicted loved ones in the first place.

Why These Services are Needed

Studies show that eighty percent of all interventions are done on alcoholics, and seventy percent of all interventions are done on people under the age of thirty.  So, to shed some light on why interventions are so important and why hotlines are now even more invaluable, some facts and statistics have been included below on these topics:

• Although legal, alcohol is still classified as very much so a real drug with a high potential for abuse and addiction. Alcohol abuse is the most common and costly substance abuse disorders in the United States by far.

• Regular use of alcohol is extremely common, which isn’t really something to worry about, (71% of Americans drank in the past year), and binge or heavy drinking rates are significant, which is something to worry about, (24.6% and 7.1%).

• Nearly a full $223 billion in health care costs and lost productivity are attributable to alcohol use disorders and addictions.

• Almost all of the above dollar costs are due to binge drinking, which 24.6% of Americans engage in on an at least monthly basis.

• Alcohol-related deaths are now the third leading preventable cause of death in the U.S.; nearly 88,000 people dying every single year from alcohol related causes and incidents.

• Alcohol remains the leading factor involved in motor vehicle deaths too.  For example in 2011, 9,878 people were killed in vehicle crashes that involved alcohol, (31% of all vehicle fatalities in the U.S.)

Effective treatment is available though, and addiction help hotlines are the first place to look when seeking it out. Statistics prove that treatment with inpatient rehab is very effective in treating alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and substance abuse. Thankfully, addiction treatment centers are experienced in breaking the chain of substance addiction once and for all, and the first place to start whether one needs an intervention or not is by calling an addiction help hotline.

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