addiction hotlinesThe vast majority of the time, people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol turn to their family for support, help, love, succor and assistance.  However, sometimes it is the family that is actually making things worse for the addict.  Witness cases of abuse, neglect, physical violence, psychological abuse, theft, punishment, poor nourishment, and in general mistreatment of family members.  This is not too common in the United States, but it does happen from time to time between spouses, with adolescent kids and young adult children, with siblings, etc.  When it happens, the result can often be that the family member that is being treated poorly will turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the problem.

No one takes drugs or alcohol in an abusive or an addictive fashion or, “just for fun.”  It just doesn’t happen that way.  No one becomes heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol just for fun or just because they felt like doing so.  The truth is that there has to be some underlying cause for the inception of true addiction, and for some Americans, this is abuse within the family or from some other form of maltreatment.

When this is the case, it is pretty obvious that these individuals would not want to go to the family member or loved one for help by any means at all.  That would quite literally be the last thing that would happen.  Their family members are the reason why the individual is addicted to drugs and alcohol, so they certainly are not going to go to that person or those persons for help with their addiction any time soon.

Factually speaking, the best way to beat addiction is with rehab, but when one cannot turn to one’s family members or loved ones for help, what is one to do?  For a long time there was no method or means of addressing this, and for a long time there was absolutely nothing that could be done about this issue, and many addicts struggled tremendously because of it.  Now, there is something that can be done.

Hotlines Provide Support and Aid

This is where addiction hotlines come into play.  With an addiction help hotline anyone who is addicted to anything can at any moment or point go on the internet, search for, “addiction help hotlines”, and find a toll free number to call.  This call will put the addict in touch with a qualified and trained referral counselor.  This counselor can hear the addict out, provide comfort and solace, and offer advice and recommendations.  Mainly, this counselor can assist the caller by providing him or her with actual, legitimate referrals to inpatient treatment centers that he or she can go to for help and general addiction recovery.  This help is greatly appreciated and it is greatly needed too.

The only sure way to beat an addiction crisis is with rehabilitation.  To this day rehabilitation stands as the number one most successful way of tackling an addiction crisis.  All other methods only have about a ten to thirty percent success rate.  The truth is that addiction does not need to be a permanent issue though.  It can be totally resolved and completely removed with the help of inpatient rehab.  Inpatient rehab is needed and wanted for anyone who is addicted, regardless of the relationship that they have with their family members.

Addiction help hotlines are immensely valuable because they are free, they are fast, and they are open and operating 24/7.  It was found that one of the number one reasons why addicts were not getting help was because they could not find a good rehab program to go to.  With this being a major problem of the simple fact of addicts not being able to find good rehabs, something had to change and that change was the inception of addiction help hotlines.  With such hotlines, progress and effective change was finally being made once and for all.  Now, addicts who want to go to rehab never again have to suffer with not being able to find a good rehab center to go to.

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