when to call addition hotlineA lot of times people do not realize the true strength or severity of their addiction until they have had a bad experience while abusing drugs or alcohol.  Many people take drugs to have a good time and enjoy themselves, and this recreational drug abuse usually transforms later into full on addiction to drugs and alcohol. The high that they feel makes everything seem more exciting and intense than it actually is, but this never ends well for them.

Unfortunately, when someone is abusing drugs and alcohol then the next thing that happens is that personal judgment goes out the window when they are completely high or wasted. Tens of millions of people in the United States have made hundreds of billions of bad choices while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. There is a psychological reason behind this reckless and embarrassing behavior and it is closely related to addiction, and it is entirely caused by drugs and alcohol.

One might think that the use of drugs or the abuse of alcohol is no big deal at all, but if one has done things while high that one later regretted then one should carefully consider the possibility that he or she might need help.  Sooner or later, every substance abuser comes to this realization.  As drugs and alcohol are dangerous and overall not a good thing to involve oneself with then it follows simply that once someone begins to abuse them then he or she will inevitably start to experience the bad effects of them, namely the negative physiological and psychological effects that go along with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

How Addiction Help Hotlines Can Help

There is a lot of help for drug and alcohol addicted individuals that can come from drug and alcohol addiction help hotlines.  This is manifested most often in addiction help hotlines.  Addiction help hotlines are toll-free numbers that appear on drug and alcohol addiction websites.  One can call those hotlines and get twenty-four hours a day seven days a week help from a real person, not from a computer.  With addiction help hotlines, real help and assistance can be found for an addiction or a substance abuse problem.

The person who is on the other end of the line of an addiction help hotline will most usually be someone who can guide the caller in the right direction of where to go to address and successfully handle his or her addiction problem.  They are technically rehabilitation referral counselors, and they are especially skilled in guiding each individual caller into the right center that is inevitably going to offer the most help and assistance to the caller.

But should someone call such a hotline when he or she is in the middle of abusing drugs or alcohol?  Should one call such a hotline while drunk or high?  The truth of the matter is that any call is better than no call.  The mind of an addict can change very quickly, and while one might want to seek help in one moment, he or she might not want to seek help the next day and by then it might be too late.  This is the key reason why someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol should always make the call to an addiction help hotline no matter his or her current mental or physical state.

Rehab referral counselors work very fast to try and get an addict into a rehab center as soon as possible, which is necessary as the risk of overdose is always so saddening high.  If one calls such a referral line though, no matter their current state, then it becomes quite easy to get into a rehab center before an overdose actually happens.  This is why these help hotlines exist, and this is why one must pick up the phone and call them as soon as he or she decides that enough is enough and that it is time to stop abusing drugs and alcohol, and not a moment later.

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