addict calling helplineDrug and alcohol addiction and the whole matter of substance abuse is on a completely different level than it ever was before.  This is an issue that by all means has increased in severity and prevalence.  Since the turn of the century addiction and substance abuse statistics have all been rising pretty immensely, a few of which have been include below for context:

• Alcohol abuse is actually the most damaging and the deadliest substance in the entire nation, and it certainly has made a horrendous imprint on the nation of late.  You will never hear about this in the news though, as alcohol companies stand to profit and gain so much from Americans drinking, (and abusing), alcohol.  Alcohol actually kills more Americans ever year though than all other substances combined.  It kills on average about sixty to eighty-thousand Americans annually, whereas drugs only kill about forty to fifty-thousand.  To exacerbate the issue, alcohol is also responsible for more than fifty percent of all traffic and vehicle-related deaths.

• Substance abuse is no joke and it’s not something to lightly palm off either.  The issue is very real and it’s very real.  One-hundred and fifty Americans die every year from drug or alcohol-related causes, and a crime related to drugs and alcohol occurs every few minutes of every single day.  The issue is way worse than it ever has been before, and the trend of worsening has been gradually growing since the turn of the century.  What of the future?  If this is allowed to continue then the future will be worse than the current status quo.

• Drug and alcohol addiction has affected many Americans across the nation for centuries.  These issues have gone back and forth in severity and intensity since the turn of the century and have shown no real sign of going down or diminishing any time soon.  The problem is a real one to say the least.  Effort has been placed on trying to get drug and alcohol addiction to drop down or in some way become less of an issue but little to no forward progress, gain, or momentum has been effected in this general area.  In fact, the condition of substance abuse in the nation has only just worsened, not gotten better.

• When the problem is as severe as this is, it makes the need for inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehab programs, and recovery organizations that much higher.  This is the truth to say the least and unless something is done to curb this issue with such rehab centers then it’s only going to get much, much worse long before it gets any better.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help Hotlines Paving the Way for Addicts

There is a new method of connecting with substance abuse treatment centers which is great because until recently the number one reason why addicts did not go to rehab wasn’t because they couldn’t afford it or weren’t qualified, it was because they couldn’t find a good rehab center to go to.  Now that has all changed with the introduction of addiction help hotlines.

An addiction help hotline is a toll free number that will appear on most websites about addiction.  It is a number that, when called will connect the caller with a referral counselor.  This counselor is a person who, after listening to the caller’s specific addiction crisis and what is going on with him or her will provide comfort, solace, and guidance on what to do next.  Then, the counselor will actually, literally connect the caller with a qualified rehab center to go to, and the counselor will even go a step further and literally refer the caller to that very same center and thusly help him or her get into the center.  In this way, the whole searching step of the rehab selection process is taken care of for the addict for him or her.  All he or she needs to do now is arrive at the center.

When people call for help, they don’t encounter some automated phone menu either.  They get a real person. Instead they immediately receive a live response from a caring referral counselor who will connect them to an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization. Furthermore, if there’s any kind of barrier whatsoever, the counselor continues to follow up until that person is connected to the care that they need to overcome their addiction and until they are actually safely in the rehab center.

This kind of help is totally invaluable and quite necessary.  It works wonders, and it really does help people. Rehab isn’t a joke or a vacation.  It really does save lives and now, with addiction help hotlines, thousands more lives can be saved each and every year.

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