Addiction is a cruel fate to say the least for a lot of people all across the nation.  In fact, drug and alcohol addiction has been gaining power and force all across the nation and with more and more people all across the nation since the turn of the century.    Addiction is on its way up too.  In a big way.  Particularly with young adults and particularly with prescription drugs and heroin too, drug abuse and addiction has become more and more common in all American states.

•    In the year of 2010, an estimated two million people reported abusing prescription pain medication for the first time within the previous 12 month period from whence they were interviewed.

•    This number amounts to 5,500 people a day abusing prescription pain meds for the first time.

•    While there are still more Americans abusing marijuana than prescription drugs, there are far more individuals who abuse prescription drugs for the first time ever than there are individuals who abuse marijuana for the first time ever.

The Benefits of Addiction Hotlines

Today, rehab help hotlines are trying to assist in the process of getting more and more Americans into treatment as possible.  A rehab help hotline is any website that has a toll-free hotline number that someone can call if he or she wants to get addiction treatment help for himself or herself or for a loved one.  Addiction treatment is very necessary and crucial as addiction now kills more Americans than ever before.  This is mostly because the death toll from opiate pain medications and heroin has been catastrophic, but also simply because those who are addicted need to get help badly.

•    Between the time period of the year 2000 through to the year of 2013, the overall rate for drug-poisoning deaths and fatal overdoses involving heroin to a greater or lesser degree nearly quadrupled from 0.7 deaths per 100,000 in the year 2000 to 2.7 deaths per 100,000 in 2013. Most of the increase occurred after 2010.

•    This means that, if one were too put a hundred thousand Americans in a building, one could actually say with honesty that about three of them would die from a heroin overdose.

•    Opiate use and abuse and addiction in general is linked to at least a full if not more than fifty percent of the major crimes that are committed in the United States.  Also, at least half of all suspects arrested for violent crimes (homicide, assault, etc.) were under the influence of opiates when arrested.

•    Without a doubt, the group that easily represents the absolute highest number of those who use and abuse heroin number at 26 or even younger than that.  Additionally and as if that wasn’t bad enough, 57.4 percent of past year heroin users were classified with dependence on or abuse of heroin, meaning that roughly a million Americans could be classified as being legitimately addicted to heroin.

Addiction rehab help hotlines are the standard around which those struggling with addiction and their families gather in their quest to find recovery and rehabilitation for their addictions and around which those who are addicted gather just to get information about addiction.  An addiction help hotline is a resource of information and assistance.  Not only can addiction help hotlines assist those who are addicted get referred into rehab centers, the referral counselors on the other end of the phone line can also give addicts and their families lots of great data on what to expect from a rehab program.  This makes for a prepared addict and family, and being prepared always makes a big difference in the experience that one has.  All in all, these hotlines and the websites that contain them are doing a world of good for those who are addicted.

All one must do is call into the hotline, and he or she will be instantly put in touch with a professional and expert referral counselor who can not only answer any questions that the caller has about rehab, but he or she can also refer the counselor to a specific facility and actually accomplish several of the initial, intake steps for the individual so that he or she will have a much easier time of getting into the rehab itself.

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