Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse: A Hard Battle to Fight Alone

For those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, the situation often seems dire indeed.  When one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, his or her whole life becomes incredibly consumed by his or her addiction to the point where he or she can do nothing but think about his or her drug crisis.  His or her addiction crisis relatively controls the individual, to the point where he or she is quite incapable of doing anything about it on his or her own and without any help.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol traps individuals in two ways.  First of all, there is the inescapable aspect of addiction as it pertains to the individual being essentially taken over by the actual chemical dependence that is created when one abuses drugs and alcohol enough.  Essentially, when one takes drugs or alcohol a few times, one’s body will actually become used to having those substances inside of him or her.  In fact, the body even goes a step further to the point of being essentially adapted to the substances and being able to work the core functions of the body around and with the drug or alcohol chemicals being inside of him or her.  This is chemical dependence at its worst, and it cannot be reversed efficiently and safely by anything except for an inpatient, detoxification facility.

The other side to addiction is the mental, personal, mental, psychological, and spiritual aspect of addiction.  This pertains to the actual mental and psychological effect that taking drugs and alcohol repeatedly has on an individual.  With this issue at full strength, an individual who is taking such substances will become mentally hooked on the manifestations and issues as they appear on a mental and personal front, not just a physical one.  One is abusing the drugs first off for personal and mental reasons, and all physical aspects aside one will continue to abuse such substances for the same reasons.  This also can only be addressed properly with inpatient, residential rehabilitation.

Help Provided with Rehab Hotlines for Individuals with Little to No Healthcare Coverage

Perhaps one of the greatest barriers that stops individuals from paying for rehab is the simple factor of such individuals not having any access to any type of healthcare providers or cash funding to pay for inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment centers, detox facilities, rehabilitation programs and recovery organizations.  The problem is, for those addicted, inpatient rehab is a must.  There is no alternative or cheaper route that is still successful or beneficial for those who are addicted.

Toll-free addiction and drug and alcohol abuse help hotlines are taking their services an extra step by finding ways to assist those who are struggling with addiction but who do not have healthcare coverage or health insurance.  These helplines have already proven themselves immensely beneficial in the way of referring callers to treatment centers or by assisting callers with locating specific rehab centers.  Now, these hotlines can also go the extra mile by assisting callers in finding rehab centers that offer financing, finding rehabs that have scholarships, or by finding rehab centers that offer sliding fee scale payment options. Addiction help hotlines also assist struggling addicts by placing them in networks for governmental or state-funded rehab centers too, which is also helpful and beneficial.

Rehab is a must for anyone who is addicted, and thanks to addiction help hotlines, anyone can go free from addiction once and for all.  One can simply call the number provided on the many websites that have rehab help hotlines and be instantly put in touch with a referral counselor who, even if the addict has no financial or health care support or coverage at all, can still help him or her find a way out of addiction and into rehab.

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