A drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse help hotline is designed to effectively and quickly assist a drug or alcohol addict individual in getting immediate help and assistance and over the phone comfort and counseling.  The main goal of an addiction help hotline is to effectively assist a drug or alcohol addict in locating and centering in on an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, rehabilitation organization, detoxification facility, and recovery program.

The problem in today’s modern world for addicts who are seeking rehabilitation is that there is often too much information on the internet and over the phone.  When an addict is seeking out rehabilitation he or she is already attempting something that is very difficult and stressful.  In seeking out rehabilitation, one often gets confused and disoriented by the vast plethora of information that is offered online in today’s information age.

This is where twenty-four rehab help hotlines came in.  For those who were struggling with drug addiction and substance abuse, immediate, any time of the day, night, or week, direct and free help and assistance was needed.  This is because of the unfortunate, “sudden death”, nature that sadly often follows wherever addiction goes.  Addiction help hotlines sprang up and were able to help those who were addicted to drugs and alcohol in finding rehabilitation centers quickly and efficiently.  These help hotlines even went the extra mile by offering legitimate referral services in which the help hotline would assist each individual addict in actually getting in touch with the rehab center itself and even as far as getting into the actual center.

Addiction Help Hotlines Now Helping the Family Members and Loved Ones of Addicts

Now addiction help hotlines are providing a whole new kind of free service on top of their already free referral services.  This has appeared in the form of skilled and efficient over the phone educational counseling services.  What was discovered was that the type of individuals who usually manned the phone lines at such call-in centers were recovered addicts themselves.  As recovered addicts have a wide plethora of knowledge of drug abuse and addiction having been there themselves, these individuals inherently possessed a valuable trait.  This was the trait of the ability to educate.

Now, the family members and loved ones, particularly moms, are calling into the referral lines simply to gain a better understanding and knowledge of drug abuse and addiction form the referral counselor.  Most parents, unless they battled addiction themselves, know very little about drugs and substance abuse itself.  To better understand the crisis that their child or kid is going through, parents are now calling in to addiction help hotlines all across the country almost non-stop simply to better understand the situation a little better when it comes to addiction within the household.  A lot of times, parents will not be sure whether or not their son or daughter really is abusing drugs or alcohol or not, and a referral counselor can give free, over the phone advice on this.

All in all, addiction help hotlines have taken their ability to help those seeking rehabilitation to a whole new level.  Now, even more lives will be saved because help hotlines are assisting the family members of addicts in finding out the truth if their family member in question is abusing drugs or not.

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