addiction hotlines and rehab treatmentFor some time now drug and alcohol addiction help hotlines have provided an invaluable service to those in this country who suffer with drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse problems in general.  Several studies have been done on the subject of addiction over the course of the last decade as addiction has become such a prevalent factor in society today that the time has come to study and research the problem more to better understand it so that it could be addressed more properly and more effectively.

What was discovered was quite shocking.  One of the key discoveries was that the main reason why drug and alcohol addicts do not get into treatment actually does not have anything to do with willingness, finances, location, availability of treatment centers or overall physical and mental stability to go to and through a rehab center.  No, the main reason why addicts struggle with getting into treatment is because they cannot find the right treatment center to go to for rehab in the first place.

Addicts go to rehab centers all the time.  But do addicts stay clean after they go to such treatment centers?  Not all the time.  Studies show that, in spite of the best efforts of treatment centers all across the nation, the average success rate of addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers is still only about fifty percent.  This means quite literally that half of all addicts who go to rehab will relapse and will have to find another rehab center to go to.  Unfortunately many do not get that second try.

So this is the key problem.  These individuals simply could not find a good quality rehab program to go to in the first place that really fit for them.  If they had done so, they would have been fine in the long run and they would have stayed clean and sober.  If addicts could find the right program initially, then they would be fine; they wouldn’t relapse, end up dead, or in another rehab center trying again for a second time.

The Saving Grace of Addiction Help Hotlines

This is where addiction help hotlines come in.  Addiction help hotlines are the most invaluable tool a struggling addict has.  They are all over the internet, and they are essentially toll-free, 24/7 call lines that an addict can call any time he or she wants to talk to someone about treatment.  Addiction help hotlines are manned by trained and knowledge referral counselors.  These individuals will talk to the addict, ask a few questions, answer a few questions, and get an overall idea of the addict and his or her unique addiction situation.  With this data in hand, the referral counselor can then help pair the addict with the perfect treatment center that fits best with the addict’s needs and wants, addiction, age, sex, financial situation, location, and other factors that make every addict’s addiction situation unique to them and to them only.

Once a rehab center has been agreed upon and selected by the referral counselor and addict, the referral counselor will actually put the addict in touch with that center and formulate an official referral for the addict into that center, effectively taking care of the first several steps of the intake procedure for him or her right off the bat.

This help is totally invaluable, but it even goes a step further than that.  Treatment needs to be well planned out to be effective.  Even if the right center is chosen, there’s still a chance that the addict might not live a relapse-free life if he or she does not go into the treatment program with a really good frame of mind on how to accomplish total and complete eradication and annihilation of his or her addiction problem.  This is truly what is key here when it comes to putting together a plan.  Once the referral has been made by the referral counselor of the addicted caller to the chosen facially, the addict and the counselor then have another conversation about Treatment Goals and Plans.

This is invaluable too.  In this conversation the counselor and the caller will discuss exactly what the addict wants to accomplish by going to treatment, he or she will give ideas of what to expect and what to anticipate, and the counselor will also give advice on how to best handle oneself and how to operate while in treatment so that one will have the absolute best experience there.  In this way, the addict is as prepared as he or she could possibly be, and the treatment experience will be that much better as a result of it.

Addiction help hotlines truly are invaluable for these two main reasons.  With the help of these lines, addicts all across the nation can finally find peace from their cruel addiction habits.

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