holistic addiction treatmentAddiction has become such a big problem of late that has enraptured and enraptured the minds and abilities of so many different individuals that there often seem like there is no hope that it will ever go down, disappear, or go away fully.  The truth of the matter is that addiction is indeed a terrible thing and a serious problem to say the least, but it is not infallible.  In fact, addiction can be beaten.

Because so many rehab centers in the nation use other drugs to help in the rehab process and because so many end up getting addicted to these drugs in the long run, some Americans prefer to make their way through rehab by going through a holistic, inpatient, residential treatment program, not a medical one.  These are highly successful and strongly supported and validated.

Basically, the term holistic rehab is now used to describe treatment programs that offer some unique and healthier in the long run treatment approaches that are essentially very, very distinct from that of many, more traditional rehab centers and programs. The services provided in a holistic rehab derive from holistic or integrative medicine of one kind or another, and are utilized to achieve optimal wellness by focusing on the concept of a unified mind-body-spirit.  The whole idea here is to set goals for treating the “whole person” and not just the individual symptoms of the addiction or alcoholism themselves, but the mind, body, soul, and spirit of the individual all at once.

There is a lot going for holistic rehab.  They offer lots of programs and have many successful technologies.  For example, most holistic rehabs utilize complementary and alternative medicine practices and therapies such as:

• Yoga.
• Stretching.
• Breath work.
• Meditation.
• Nutritional interventions.
• Acupuncture.
• Ayurveda – Ayurvedic medicine is regularly used by much of the population of India. Incorporates meditation, yoga and quite specific dietary guidelines to nurture a singular mind-body-spirit.
• Chiropractic care.
• Guided imagery.
• Herbal therapy – Herbal supplementation can augment healthy nutrition and strategically utilized to detoxify and diminish unhealthy cravings.
• Homeopathy – Many homeopathic remedies can be used to supplement more traditional pharmacotherapeutic management of the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.
• Massage – Massage therapy can provide a relaxing adjunct to treatment, providing stress relief and soothing the aches and pains as a body adjusts to a drug-free state.
• Meditation.
• Naturopathic medicine.
• Nutritional interventions.
• Reiki – The harnessing of ‘universal life force energy’ to begin a process of physical healing and increase relaxation; helpful in alleviating some physical symptoms of withdrawal.

These techniques work.  They actually create great results without having to use other drugs in the rehab.  Frequently speaking, these techniques are superimposed or incorporated into a framework of more traditional substance abuse treatment approaches all in all. For some, there is more to rehabilitation than maintained abstinence and therapy sessions and constant struggles to stay sober. Holistic rehab provides some alternatives to a more standard rehab atmosphere, and therefore is an attractive option for many who show interest in them, as the final result is often complete banishment of addiction, not just a suppression of it.

Why is holistic treatment so important though?  Many holistic practitioners stress that our bodies have an innate healing ability that comes along with the package of being a human bring, and many of the techniques described above are tools to help unlock that very same potential so one can actually stay sober and be strong once rehab is completed.

This healing philosophy that is offered in holistic rehabs applies to issues of substance abuse and addiction, as well as other things.  Patients are encouraged to reclaim control of their lives and take responsibility for their health and recovery in a holistic program and the health of those they care about. A recovering addict who chooses a holistic treatment program can expect to be exposed to some or all of these types of treatments during the recovery process and will almost undoubtedly enjoy them and get a lot out of them.

How Addiction Help Hotlines are Assisting Individuals in Finding Holistic Programs

For some time now addiction help hotlines have been an invaluable asset in the addiction and rehabilitation area.  They basically promote their hotlines on the internet with addiction-related pages, addicts call them, a counselor speaks to them, a rehab is found for the caller, and the caller goes to rehab.  It is simple, it is easy to use, it requires little to no maintenance, and it is doing the most good for the American people by far.

Now, addiction help hotlines have included holistic rehab centers amongst their tens of thousands of listings.  One simply need to call such a number to be connected with a counselor who scan help one find a rehab center to go to.  This is now the most important thing that any addict can do, and these hotlines are ready and willing to help them out.

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