Although it can seem very scary and almost inconceivable, going to rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction is the best thing an addicted individual can do.  Without a doubt, drug and alcohol addiction kills relentlessly and at the very least these substances destroy lives faster than one can comprehend.  Going to an inpatient rehab center reverses all of that.  Making the decision to go to such a center, though it can seem trying, is the right action, as one is deciding to do so before the drug or alcohol abuse has taken over completely and it is too late.

What to Bring with One to a Rehab, the Top Five Essentials

When one is confronting this prospect, one must not be derailed by the simple difficulty of trying to figure out what to bring along to the rehab.  There are five main things that are listed below that one should take so that the trip and the adventure will be as smooth and as comfortable as possible:

1.  Clothing

It is important to bring one or two weeks’ worth of clothes with one to a rehab center.  Most rehab centers offer laundry services, so a huge amount of clothing is not necessary.  One should bring comfortable clothes, not constricting or tight clothes.  No one is interested in looks or appearance at a rehab, and the focus should be on comfort and ease of mobility.

2.  Toiletries

• Few things can be as unnerving as not having one’s favorite toothbrush or shampoo.  Most rehab centers provide some types of toiletries, but one should bring his or her personal products just in case, and so he or she can be comfortable too.

3.  Personal Items

One does not need to bring any valuable trinkets or baubles to a rehab, but instead bring a book or two, or even a few magazines or journals.  Rehabs don’t usually have a lot of downtime, but a good book or a few CDs can be just what one needs to wind down after a busy day.

4.  Medication

Be sure to check with the rehab on this first.  Some rehab centers will not allow medications to be brought into the center, while others will allow it.  Some rehabs supply basic medications that are needed, whereas others do not allow any medications at all.  One must check in advance for this, and bring medications if it is suitable.

5.  Bedding

If one has a favorite blanket or pillow, one should be sure to bring it.  Rehab is exhausting and very involved, so anything that assists sleep at night is encouraged.

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